Fiends, Houses, and Furriers, Oh My…

On a daily bias, auto-complete creates more angst and humor than anything else in my life. Angst when business is involved, humor when texting friends. I noticed the same is true for you, especially when trying to reply to a post via cell phone.  Please know I do not find this annotation.  It makes me laugh.  No apologies necessary!  Though I do appreciate the calcification when it’s too abstract to figure out what you’re really saying.

I’m having the same probability.

My house needs shoes, but my furrier is booked solid, and can’t get out for a coal fitting.

The other night, I was walking the dig, when Daisy texted and asked if I could throw Barbeque a few extra flakes of hail in the morning.

No problem, I replied. Will do fast thing, before I go see Huddle and (?!?) Danish.

My smart phone repeatedly tries to invite Fiends over for dinner. Sadly, I am booked with Infidels, and the Fiends must wait.

Apparently I have many, many fiends. Alas, my fiends are busy, and unable to vista most Saturns. (Sundaes are usually out, for one reason or anointment.)

  • Fiend One was team rapping with her house.
  • Fiend Two is busy with Barbeque and her fool.
  • Fiend Three is illogical and has to stay in bed, so she doesn’t get whorls.
  • Fiend Four is going to be heretic this weekend, so I hope we can squeal in a visitation. (Waaaaait a second.  What kind of visitation do heretics get?)

Personally, I think Dr. Seuss wrote the algorithm that various programs use to generate auto-complete.

One Fist, Two Fist, Red Fist, Blue Fist!

Having just spell-checked this post, I can report spell-checking has the potential to make auto-complete errors funnier, or more horrific, depending on the intended recipe. Uh. Recipient.

Let’s hear your glitches!

FYI, auto-complete offered “glitter” for “glitches”.

Glitter away, dear fiends!

20 thoughts on “Fiends, Houses, and Furriers, Oh My…

  1. Soo funny! I live in the dark ages and don’t have autocorrect problems, but right now I’m kinda glad about that! I have enough trouble communicating on my own (I hit backspace approximately 3,388,901 times during this response!)

  2. Too funny! I’m not familiar with auto-correct yet, but I got a great laugh from these. Will have to check out the DYAC site! Thanks.

  3. Years in my eyes amd all over my fave from laughing ago damn hath.

    (i have noticed thar auto-complete always does fine with cuss-words, BTW)

  4. Hahahaha! Hilarious and excellent examples. I’ll have to come up with a good example in response to your request. Maybe the next time I’ll respond from my iPod Touch. That autocomplete drives me nuts! I noticed I tend to read typo well.. apparently too fluent. It took a couple of re-reads to appreciate it in its fullest.

  5. I’ve been typing an essay for uni using open office which tries to autocomplete much more than word. I only just started using it recently and I’m mostly ignoring it and typing the whole word, but if I hit ‘enter’ it will insert the autocomplete word… I’m going to have to proof read very carefully.

    I’m reading your blog in my study break while my dinner cooks. Doesn’t that make you feel special?

  6. This is hilarious! Would you mind if I used this with my senior English classes? I’d give full credit, of course, but I think they’d have a riot trying to figure out what the “real” words/intent were!

      1. Thanks. 🙂 I’m thinking it will be a fun editing exercise for their final exam next week, and next year, I’ll use it as an intro to our editing section of research papers.

  7. My worst autocorrect was when my friend asked which building class was in. I tried to reply Wiegand (the actual name of the building) and instead got autocorrected to New Zealand and I sent it before double checking. Her response was: “Where the heck is that!?” I was dying of laughter, having tried to tell my friend to go to another country for an hour long, once a week class 🙂

  8. Hahahahaha… A friend of mine has a daughter named Devon. I texted him recently: “So great meeting Devil! She and her pony are too cute!” Whoooops.

      1. I read it too and was HYSTERICAL… totally got caught laughing in my office. For a second almost posted on facebook… then remembered I am “friends” with my 12-year-old cousin and decided to email it to a select group of friends instead. SO FUNNY though.

    1. Someone sent me a link to DYAC and I’ve since sent it on to others. Many friends agree that it causes snorting, peeing in pants, falling off of chairs laughter!
      I must agree that autocorrect can be very frustrating and you really must watch what you are typing.
      Great post – thanks for the laugh!

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