Frank Needs a Home

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This is Frank. He was rescued by my friend Hilary, who runs the non-profit organization Hoofbeats of America. Click on the link to read more about Frank.  The team nursed him back to health. Every child, adult, teen, or horse who came in contact with Frank fell head over heels.  All you have to do is look at the kids in the pics to get an idea of Frank’s personality.

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Let’s get this boy a home!  I can see him being a beloved NHARA therapist, a family horse, an all around pleasure ride.

6 thoughts on “Frank Needs a Home

    1. Thanks! All efforts to get word out there are VERY appreciated.
      HBofA is a terrific program. Frank deserves to be someone’s special guy.

    1. My hope is – relying on the horse world being a very interconnected place – someone will know someone who knows someone looking for….
      It’s worth mentioning to friends and passing on. I’ve already done that privately too!

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