The Difference Between Dinero and Hudson

Dinero posing:

Hudson posing:

This is what I did:


I said, I’m gonna take your picture now, put your ears forward, K?

He stood like that for five minutes while I shot him from different angles.


I said, I’m gonna take your picture now, put your ears forward, K?

When that didn’t work, I jumped up and down.  When that didn’t work, I waved my arms like semaphore flags, rustled a plastic bag, and threw a rock in the air. When THAT didn’t work, I shook a bucket of grain, trying to get him to turn his head and look at me through the ‘cow’ horns.

I think we can tell by his expression that he’s humoring me.

What horse doesn’t prick  his ears and look at you when you shake grain?

Poor Dinero, he was photographed before Hudson, so when I shook the grain at Hudson, Dinero was like Donkey in Shrek:  ME!  PICK. ME.  I like grain! MEEEeeeeeeeee!!!!! He had the most spectacularly alert expression, completely still, ears tightly pricked forward.

The gauntlet has been thrown.  Hudson, I am going to get a good photo of you, whether you like it or not!

I wonder if he’d prick his ears at the sight of me using a Hula Hoop…

What’s the funniest thing you’ve done, trying to get that special photo of your horse?

19 thoughts on “The Difference Between Dinero and Hudson

  1. LOVE the look on Hudson’s face. So awesome. I laughed out loud. I can just hear him grumbling about the ridiculousness of a photo shoot and how his more gullible brother would be happy to appease you.

    1. Doritos. Totally would have snagged his attention. Note to self: stop by market on way to barn. I wonder if he’ll like cool ranch or regular?

      Of course, he might end up in my lap.

    1. We should have a contest to see who gets the most ridiculous auto-correct phrase. A friend texted me and asked if I could do something. I typed in NP! (no problem) and it auto correct to NO! without my noticing.

      I’m not usually that harsh…

      1. I can’t spell to begin with….the auto-correct is usually my friend (fried). What tends to do me in is that my brain says a lot more than my emails.
        “I’ll meet you at the”

        ok- figure it out- see you then.

  2. Somewhere I still have an uncropped proof from a pro photographer’s visit to a friend’s farm back in the 70s.

    It’s a wonderful photo of a multi-top ten mare turned broodmare and her lookalike 2-year-old daughter, both looking gorgeous, alert, spectacular expressions — and the reason for this cooperative equine pulchritude is visible in the uncropped version, and it is ….

    Two men on hands and knees on the ground, crawling toward them. 😀

  3. Still laughing….Ginger and I know how handsome Hudson is. Maybe you need to have a certain cute redhead to get his attention 😉

    That is a gorgeous picture of Dinero btw.

    1. Brilliant plan! Date afternoon for Ginger and Hudson. He will definitely prick his ears then. Good suggestion, and you know I’m going to drag you into this to help me.
      Dinero pic: sigh. We’re okay with the two posts framing his face. Not onboard so much with the pole running behind his ears. At least it’s not growing out of his head…
      I’ll see if I can get Bella to help me set him up in a better location.

      1. We are on for an afternoon horse date. I will happily be drug into this project – horses and phtography hell yeah! I can Photoshop out that pole if it’s really bugging you.

  4. I actually taught Fiddle to put her ears forward on command (that’s why they’re almost always “up” in my pictures):
    * She wants to go forward. When she goes forward, her ears are up.
    * I want to stand still for a moment because I use a cheap little point-and-shoot camera that doesn’t do motion very well.
    * She knows that as soon as I get a picture I like, I will let her move forward.
    * She knows that the position of her ears affects my photo. I like her ears up.
    * “Put your ears up,” I say, “and then we can go.” (jiggle jiggle on the reins).
    * The ears go up, I snap the shot, and immediately we move forward. Everyone is happy.

    On the ground, it’s the same command: “Put your ears up.” She’s so accustomed to doing it under saddle that she will now fix her ear position while standing in the field, where she’s perfectly capable of just leaving without me! Goooooood girl. (there’s usually a cookie in it for her, that helps too)

    People who know what a grump she is in camp are amazed at all the pictures of her nice ears. Training, I tell ya.

    (In the interest of full disclosure, candid photos taken of her on the trail by other people always show “up ears” if she’s going forward and “flat ears” if she’s standing still. The mare likes to go!)

    1. Um.
      Train Hudson to put ears forward on command.
      You are brilliant and have Common Sense. (I worship that in people. Consider self worshipped!)

      Training should be interesting, whatever happens, LOL.

  5. Thanks for the morning laugh! Yeah… we do silly things to get the attention of horses (and dogs) to get THE shot! I get a kick out of (translate that to: get really mad at) digital cameras that have a delay between shutter pressing and picture taking. I always miss the shot and end up with a blur of horse moving away from cute pose!

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