We Haz More Kute Fol Piktures

Sorry, we have/had a temporary glitch in our programming.  While we wait for Jane to get it together, we have more Muprhy photos. We’ll try not to become The Murphy Channel.

Murphy Mondays sound good?  In the mean time, on to Murphy Friday.

Hi. Hi hi hi hi hi hi HI!

Mommy rolled.  Murphy watched intently.

Murphy trying to roll:

The reason, even if we are not Arabians,why as mothers, we need tail bags:

Hey.  It’s dark in here. Cool.

Look Fenway!  This is what I’d look like if I were a mule.  I am as handsome as you….right?  Betcha didn’t know I could do imitations.

Mommmmmm….I’m hurrying already…

Oh. Hi. You’re still here?  I’m just going to….Zzzzzzzzzz

Yoga.  Good for foals.  Mom taught me.

Thith thing is thupposthed to be in my mowth! Wanna thee how it worths?

17 thoughts on “We Haz More Kute Fol Piktures

  1. Murphy’s tongue is exactly where it’s supposed to be — it both funnels the Good Stuff into his mouth without leakage, and protects Barbie’s bag from being pinched between his widdle gums! 😀

    Barbie’s being such a good mom!

  2. You know how Tack of the Day has their daily funny? I think your blog could just go for daily cute. Totally ok! I read it every day anyway, but incentive for those who don’t?

    I don’t know if you posted about Barbie before I was a reader or not, but what does she do, and what kind of future is hoped for for Murphy? I look at the pics of Barbie and think she’s a beautiful TB, because I’m biased and madly in love with my TB. But figure I’m better off knowing accurate info, instead of seeing the world in my TB-shaped glasses. 😉

    1. Daisy could better answer this question, so Daisy, leap into the fray before I stick my foot too far in!

      I know Barbie is both: a registered Thoroughbred from fine racing stock, and a registered warmblood.

      Murphy’s sire, Popeye K, is a Dutch Warmblood.

      Murphy is a warmblood. I’m unclear on what kind of warmblood this makes him, so I’ll leave it to Daisy to fill in.

      Barbie is a hunter, and Popeye K is one of the worlds top hunters.

      Murphy’s future is in show Hunters. 🙂

      1. Oh, I know Popeye K for sure! I just wasn’t sure about Barbie.

        The whole Warmblood thing is interesting, since they are registries rather than breeds, so your horse needs approval to have babies within the registry. It’s a sort of quality control process thing. 🙂 It’s what makes me laugh at “warmblood people” who look down at Thoroughbreds and don’t understand that you can have a 100% TB who is registered warmblood also if the parents were approved.

        What registry Murphy will be with depends on what registry Barbie was approved for – I’m guessing Popeye K is approved with just about all of them! I have found that the goals and requirements of the KWPN (Dutch Warmblood registry) make me most often prefer Dutch Warmbloods with a lot of TB. Thus, obviously, I think Murphy’s adorable! 🙂

      2. Well actually Jane….Barbie is a registered Thoroughbred. The famous Popeye K (daddy) is dutch so Barbie and Murphy will go to the RSPI inspection in October (Yes Jane…road trip).
        Barbie only is a mom but Murphy will be in the hunter ring- starting next year in the hunter breeding classes. 🙂

        1. Ethcuze me while I pull thith foot out of my mowth.
          Sorry, I thought she’d been through the inspection…not sure where I got that idea.
          Not sorry, because ROAD TRIP.
          It will be another Daisy and Jane Road Trip adventure. DORITOS. FRIES.

  3. I know. I’m alllll about the Murphy Channel. Didn’t know how you guys would feel. I had a thought (amazing!), whatever gets posted, there’s no harm in tagging on a Murphy photo, right?

    I gave Barbie a huge hug and a neck rub. I am in awe that she made him. Also in awe that she “lets me in”. Thank goodness she is used to being a rock star slash super model, and has no reaction to the Big Eye, click of the shutter, or flash. Murphy picked up on her blase attitude: he’s going to be easy to photograph! The downside is he’ll be expecting his entourage…

    On the other hand…he’ll have one. 😉

  4. So freakin adorable. You don’t mind if I check back in here every 20 minutes or so to stare at him do you? When your hit counter skyrockets… you’ll know who to thank (Murphy, obviously). Murphy Mondays, or alternatively, Murphy days-that-end-in-Y, are okay by me! 🙂

  5. OMG what a face. I too am perfectly cool with this turning into the Murphy channel. Love how he has his mommy’s perfect star in his markings. The sleeping shot just gives me the warm fuzzies.

    1. This is where I get in trouble. I can’t watch him sleep for very long. Because my voice would go aw wittow beebee talkee, I’d hold his sweet wittow head and sing lullabies, ignore any cuuuuuuute pushiness, and kiss him awww over his itty bitty sweetee face….

      I already light up the switch board, on a daily basis, at the Remember Your Foal Will Be A Horse Hotline.

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