Murphy Says Hi

I visited, and only had my cell phone in with me, at least in the beginning. (That’s a disclaimer for bad, fuzzy pictures.)

But at times, bad, fuzzy pictures tell a cute story:


Oh hi.

Heyyyyyyy…I remember you! Hi!


Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!! Nice leg.  Hi.


Just hanging out. Saying hi.

You know, hi.

Ummmm. Hi.

Are all human legs blue?


He didn’t push, nudge, or frisk. He didn’t touch me.

He  noticed I was off in a corner, walked over, stood close, and said hi. A lot.

I stroked his neck, and didn’t make a big deal out of him. I forced myself to be the casual instead of doting Auntie. (This was very very hard.)  He already has the concept of space bubbles thanks to Barbie’s strict rules. I didn’t invite him in, and he stayed out.

(So painful not to scoop him up and do all the wrong things!)

5 thoughts on “Murphy Says Hi

  1. Want to SQUEEEEEEEZE him and KISS him and HUG him and LOVE him and tawk in widdle widicuwoush beebee nonshensh tawk to hid widdle oodie coodie fashe… Ahem. But you’re right. That would be… wrong.

    p.s. — I love the double whorl on his face! Legend has it that the more whorls, the smarter the horse. Tucker has five, so I suspect he spends most of his day doing abstract algebra in his head.

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