We Haz Kute Fol Piktures

Today was Hudson’s turn to whuffle me.  I smelled like Barbie and Murphy, where I’d just been.  Hudson was doing this: inhale, pause, inhale inhale, pause, innnnnhale….….Ah. That must be the baby!

The behavior at each barn is making me feel, strangely, like a clandestine mail drop.

I wonder what they are reading in the scent messages I can’t decode?

I’m trying to pace myself and not overload Daisy with too many pictures. I only took 418. Okay….


Or so.

I didn’t take pictures during the first few hours.  I was afraid a flash would add difficulty to a delicate time. Inwardly I was chanting day light day light day light puhleazeeeeeee?

You’ve all seen mommy, go see daddy Popeye K, he’ll knock your socks off, or ON if we look at Murphy!

I do have cell phone video of those first few hours.  YouTube, here we come!

These are in order of age over the last five days.

3 hours old
Photo by Daisy, 5 hours old
2 days old. I think he slept all day!
3 days old, and hitting the road. Okay, leaving the stall.
I know. I'll lead myself.
Performing my first experiment...
Mom? I goth thith thing in my mowth. Can't Thpit it out!

More photos to come, trust me. And if you missed previous photos, go here.

17 thoughts on “We Haz Kute Fol Piktures

    1. Nature wants these babies to be up and running FAST, so they are born allllll legs. It’s very normal. Great question. If we saw an adult horse with those proportions, we’d all be wondering where the giraffe horse came from!

      He does have longer legs than many foals you might see, and that has to do with the size he will be. Sort of like looking at the paws of a Great Dane puppy. You know what’s coming! There’s a bit of optical illusion going on also: long white socks also draw our eyes, and make his legs stand out.

      For his age, everything is in the correct proportion. His proportions will change some as he gets older, and matures. (As you will no doubt see in a kazillion photographs.)

      Puppies and human babies are born with bigger heads in relation to their bodies than their adult selves. I read somewhere, and possibly remember correctly, (?!) that scientists wonder if this is proportional difference in might have a “cuteness” effect on a mother’s instinct. In addition to whatever other function it serves, which I do not remember. 😉

  1. I love the fuzzy ears in the first outside picture! I want a baby so bad, but baby+graduate school=failure.

  2. Want!
    Well, can’t have, and really don’t need, but love living vicariously through pics. BTW – there is a reason they sleep all day when this small – its very hard work being ultra cute!!!
    More pics please as soon as you can.

  3. Jane added 100 new photos today….She’s the best Auntie ever. I love you Jane!
    I’m at work starting at 5:30 am and I get text updates.
    One of the girls at work said “what do you think he’s doing today?” (non-horse people).
    Um, eating or sleeping…anything else Jane would report instantly. It’s like super-auntie powers “TA DA! I’m needed!”

    Update on Barbie…I was in her stall today and she started nickering to the cat…ok…now you need every 4 legged thing in the barn?????? Instincts are amazing.

    Night everyone!

  4. This little man is painfully cute. And I am most impressed with your superb photo taking abilities. Daddy is kinda hot too, right? Not my thing, so I’m not familiar with him but he is very impressive.

    1. I know zippo about the Hunter world, barring Popeye K is a hunk. I’ve seen his videos, VERY impressive. I’m learning (painfully slowly) as we go from Daisy and Molly.

      I’m the DQ maybe-wanna-be who likes to still rock out a good gallop on a cow horse. 😉 I’m painfully ignorant of the (show) Dressage world also.

      Sigh. I know just enough about things to know I know painfully little.
      But that’s a good place to start, right?

  5. Super cute! Keep ’em coming! I agree with Marissa — the 5 hr photo is definitely frameable. They’re ALL great photos! Can’t wait to see the videos!

  6. I agree, the 5 hours old picture is amazing…Mom has such a sincere expression! Also, the four white stockings on that baby are sooooo gorgeous. All foals are cute, but this one is a looker!

  7. That 5 hours old photo definitely belongs in a frame. What a beautiful shot and such a sweet expression on their faces. Barbie looks totally amazed and shocked and awed — like a new mom! Murphy is not just cute, he is gorgeous! He is destined for greatness!

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