It’s a Boy! Barbie Foals…

The surest way to induce labor: have one of the people committed to being there (me) call Daisy to tell her I have a sudden unavoidable conflict for the next night. We know Barbie is not ready, so we’re not worried.

Yup. Instant labor.

Luckily, I was already in my car at 3:20 am this morning when my conflict evaporated and Daisy called to say Barbie was foaling. Ten minutes later, I’m standing in front of my God foal. Delivery was fast from time she went down. 6 minutes? But seemed more painful than usual.  (I’m reporting.  I wasn’t there for her foaling.) The vet is going to check her out, but isn’t concerned.

He’s huge bay colt packed with PopeyeK chrome and bone. He’s gorgeous. Easily over 100 lbs. My guess is 150. (I gauge everything by how many feed sacks it equals. He’s a 3-sacker.) Hard to tell if he’ll go red bay or darker, it will be fun to see. He looks slightly chestnut (orange for the non-horsey) in the photos, but not in life.  Here ya go…

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Bella pointed out he’s a Cinco de Mayo baby.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!


25 thoughts on “It’s a Boy! Barbie Foals…

  1. He’s lovely! Odds are that he’s going to be very close to daddy’s color. (Dark bay horses generally look black when they are born.) Daddy sure stamps them with his chrome, doesn’t he!

  2. Hi all!
    Murphy is doing great and so is mom! She adores him. He’s feeding well (like myself today).
    More picutures to come!
    Jane can fill in the rest….I’m tired and the day has been a blur.

  3. He’s precious. I love the picture where he’s got his head between her back legs….oops, overshot a bit!
    Mom looked a bit tired.


  4. He’s adorable! Congrats to all 🙂

    (I also measure everything in feed sacks. Just bought a vacuum – lots of complaints online about how heavy it is, at **twenty two!** pounds. Seriously? That’s not even half a feed sack! And it’s got wheels!)

  5. yaaaay!!!! what a beauty he is. Love the shot where he seems to be contemplating nursing on her braid!! 😀

    Congrats Barbie! What does she think of it all???

  6. Oh.
    Beautiful boy! If he was a dog, we would refer to the chrome as being “marked by God” – i.e. perfect markings. You are so very lucky. Does he have a name yet?

  7. Yay a baby boy! Hes precious. I hope he stays light, I’ve always had a fondness for light bays. I bet you are one proud Godmom.
    I second Marge’s question: has Barbie figured out the little monster?

  8. Look at those lovely even stockings! He will be a knockout in motion! God’s gift to a dressage horse, shows off lovely rhythm!

    Not unusual for maidens to have a little extra pain. All that tuckup in the flank is Barbie going ow ow ow! But she’s being very good with him, the mommy hormones have kicked in right on schedule. 😉

    I trust she cleaned promptly — or the vet would be there already! 🙂 Congratulations!

  9. I hope you sent pictures to Rachel (Popeye K’s owner)! She is going to be so happy – he is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats to Daisy, and to you Jane — what a handsome Godfoal!!

  10. He is goregous! Congrats to Barbie, Bella and of of course the Godmother. I see four white socks and some white on his handsome face. A perfect star like his mommy? Couldn’t tell from the pics. Yay for handsome colts!

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