Barbie Yesterday (The No Baby Update)

Yawn warning: this is a video of a pregnant horse eating.  That’s it.

Barbie not giving birth, yesterday, five days after her due date:

On a humorous note, I saw the baby either kick or roll, a slight bulge outward in the area behind her ribs, then gone.  Barbie’s head jerked up from the grass. Her muzzle wrinkled and her ears pinned. She raised a hind leg to kick at her belly, paused, put her hoof down.

The baby pushed on her side.  Kicking her stomach? Wrong spot.

She put her head back down to eat, and lashed her braided, VetWrap-lumped tail against the exact spot I’d seen move, effectively “smacking” the baby with the hard lump.

She might know there’s a creature in there.

And I think she is not going to be one of those push-over mares, who don’t discipline their foals well. Commando Mom.  Has a nice ring to it.

I must admit, I was awed at her intelligence.  She wanted to whack whatever punched her and was going to make sure she hit it back correctly!

7 thoughts on “Barbie Yesterday (The No Baby Update)

    1. Sadly, we have all been pregnancy eating, not just Barbie. Hudson looked at me today and thought “back away from the stirrup…”

  1. Maybe a WEE bit of progress in the “slacking butt muscle” department — tail head a bit more pronounced. 🙂 If you’d take pix of her bag, we’d be able to guess better! 😀

    1. I have been, but it seemed….uh….unseemly to post pics of her bag, LOL.
      Update: she’s showing some signs tonight that it’s going to be soon, and Kathryn knows what she’s talking about! Sleeping bags to barn…
      Of course, this is the ONLY night in 4 weeks I can’t be there. That’s why she’s showing signs. (grumble grumble) I’m her stylist. She needs me. But I am NOT going to talk her out of having the baby.
      (I’m repeating that last sentence to myself, over and over.)

  2. What is the date of her last cover? What gestation period did you use to calculate her due date? Out of ~20 foalings, I’ve personally had mares go as short as 316 days (perfectly fine full-term baby, up and running around with no problems at all) and as long as 375 days (my first foal) who was also perfectly fine, full-term, healthy, etc.

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