Mommy to Be is still Being, Dang It!

I know we’re all chanting BAAAby BAAAby Baaaaby!

She’s driving us nuts. All indications are: I’m going to lose the baby pool.  I chose today as her delivery date, she has 30  minutes to produce. (Yes, I am counting the seconds.)

Latest photo update: Her Royal Bulkiness rolling

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Her turnout is (deliberately) right next to the pasture where the mares and foals are turned out together.  She’s starting to hang out and watch the moms and babies. So we did too.  They were hilarious.

All the current foals are boys…

And the youngest:

Update on the clipping of foals: I asked why.  My guess was right (shocking, I know!), since they are Arabians at a breeding/show barn, the babies are clipped to show facial features, head and neck. Seeing a more accurate color is a bonus of clipping. Potential buyers can see accurate face, ear, neck detail, immediately.

5 thoughts on “Mommy to Be is still Being, Dang It!

  1. That last one who likes like he’s going to gray out is adorable!!!

    I am sure Barbie is just taking an extra day to put a little extra cuteness into Baby for us. My fingers are crossed for 4 white socks – the Popeye K brand!

    1. She’s baking on the chrome!
      I took a short video of her today, to send to Daisy. She is eating. That’s it. No moving around, no nada, just standing there eating and managing to look bored.
      We’re hoping for a bay (red or dark) with chrome, and a colt!

      But we will love it, even if our foal is pink. Barbie pink, of course. 😉

  2. You want that baby to get born? Schedule a Very Important Meeting that will last most of the day.

    It’s a variation on the old “the riders will all come in when the pulser goes to the potty” solution, and as far as I can tell it works every time!

  3. (You can check what’s happening with the muscles by gently poking with a finger or two — if the muscle hardens in resistance, not ready yet. If it feels like pudding, she’s getting there!)

  4. 🙂 From these photos, she’s got a little bit to go. The muscles around her tailhead have *started* to slacken — but before she foals, she’ll be almost hollow on either side of the spine there (Nature making things stretchier for foal egress!).

    Her bag is also far from full, although that can happen in a matter of hours. 🙂

    Remember, a watched mare will wait until you have to go to the bathroom …

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