Eat Like the Wind!

My life is hurtling ahead of me, just out of reach, and I’m running to catch up.  If  I can’t catch it, I’m going to start throwing rotten fruit at it in frustration. And probably eat lots of highly sugared carbohydrates that contain a lot of fat. (translation: cake)

We had another flag-snapping wind day, with a very brisk cold edge.  Trainers working horses were dealing with explosion after explosion.  I turned Hudson loose to run it out before we worked.

You know, we really are a lot alike. Hudson, running eating like the wind:

I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna GO, I wanna…

…is that…food?

7 thoughts on “Eat Like the Wind!

  1. Uh. I think *we* are a lot alike. You don’t have a long-lost sister do you? My painful “riding-in-my-stiff-jeans” episode from Saturday did a great job of reminding me I need to stop loving my food quite so much!

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