Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

The Line Starts Here

If you feel like reading how I feel about the above:

This is not a political statement.
It’s personal. It’s my life.
We waited 14 years just to get in that line. Not long after we were legally married, the line closed again. Our marriage remains legal. I recently read about a man with Alzheimer’s, he’s his 60’s. He wants to marry his partner of 30 years before he forgets who he is. How can it be anything but personal?

In the 1960’s. my aunt and uncle were married. It was illegal. They are of different races. The clerk looked the other way, and they were able to get married.

You may have a different opinion.  I’m okay with that. Like our marriage, this is purely personal.

Thanks for the flowers Daisy!  So beautiful.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

  1. Oh, what wonderful news! I clicked this “read more” button with a sinking feeling. “If she’s going to say anything at all about how these two women shouldn’t be allowed to get married, then there goes my ability to enjoy a perfectly wonderful horse blog.” What a relief to see you’re on the Yay! versus “Nay” side of this issue!

    Many happy years to you.

      1. Now I know . . . I guess I’m an inattentive reader, coming over and fearing that you’re anti-gay marriage when all along it says “life as an out lesbian ” right above the header!

        Thanks for listing Brays of Our Lives under your “Horsey Goodness” link list, by the way! FenBar brays a hearty “ears to you!”, thrice.

  2. How can anyone shut the door on such obvious happiness? There is no way that can be a bad thing . . . for people, for the institution of marriage . . . to me it’s got to be a winner.

  3. Happy Anniversary (x3)!!! Such a great photo — I can’t help but smile seeing it. What a great day that must have been. Makes me happy and sad at the same time…. Happy that you have a (lovely, happy, fun, supportive) marriage that remains legal, but sad that not everyone does. I agree with what someone said above, that at some point we are going to look back and shake our heads (“what WERE people thinking???”) that marriage was some kind of ridiculous club that didn’t include every loving happy couple who were game for the commitment. Anyway, glad to hear that you’ve gotten nothing but positive vibes for this post — you both deserve it! 🙂

  4. It stuns me that it’s so difficult to get this door to stay open. Someday we will be astonished that ever forbid something so reasonable.

    That is my reverent hope.

    Happy anniversary!

  5. So, so happy for you! My goodness you both look amazing! Hopefully in the future, if I ever do find the right person, it will be legal for me to marry them.. gender shouldn’t matter. I truly believe that love transcends it. If the love of my life does end up being a woman, as I expect, I darn well want to be able to marry her. I wish you both many, many more years of happiness.

  6. Beautiful photo. I am so happy for both of you that you were able to do it before the line closed again. So sad that in this generation we still have to deal with the closed-mindedness that still exists. Oh well, at least it’s heading in the generally right direction, right? Happy anniversary cubed!

  7. The photo is great. The article is even better. But the emotions it triggered in my heart is inexplicably deep. I’m sending my warmest wishes to you both from Turkey. Gay marriage is still not legal in here and I don’t know if we would marry anyway even if it was.

  8. Thank you all so much for the lovely replies! I was expecting to get at least some unfortunate emails or comments, and NOT ONE negative word.
    Shows what a wonderful group of people you are. 😉

    I suppose it’s still horse related: respect is one of the first things you have to learn with horses. How to have it for the horse, and from the horse, when you are very different.

    I am not surprised horse smart folks are respectful and kind…

  9. I love that photo!

    My friend Michael’s wedding was awesome – two grooms, Catholic (inspired), on a goat farm in North Carolina. They honeymooned in CA so they could also get legally married; I’m disgusted that the wedding I was at wasn’t considered “legal.”

    It is personal to me, too – while I hope to find a man to marry someday, I know finding love is hard. And I take it personally when anyone tries to tell someone they aren’t “allowed” to find love, or try to make it anything less than legitimate. (Obviously, exceptions for underage situations, harmful situations, etc.) I would like to see the word “marriage” and all variations of it removed from all laws. Change it to civil union, don’t define it in religious terms, and let folks choose if they have any sort of desire to call their partnership a marriage vs. a civil union. I don’t care what a church does or doesn’t recognize within their own rules (heck, most of them think I’m going to hell anyway), but I care when they try to enforce what I see as religious persecution.

    Sorry, guess I had to vent here! But I love that photo, and am glad to see it! Go LOVE!

  10. The smiles say it all, don’t they? Happy Anniversary x 3!!!

    I have friends who would love to get married – but here, in Georgia, that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

    The other Sue who posted on April 23 @ 1:18 PM said it all. Complete agreement here!

  11. I am straight but I believe we all are entitled to happiness with the person we love. You should also be able to marriage the person you love. Gay people should be allowed to marry so that their spouses/loved ones can receive the same benefits as straight people who marry. You both look so happy. I believe in live and let live. May your marriage last for many years. Congratulations.

  12. Like like like! You both look radiant!

    I am a teeny bit jealous though. I have another lesbian friend who’s ALSO gotten married three times – twice in the states and once in Canada. (Maybe one of them was a civil thingie?) Anyway, I only got to get married once to my hubby! 😛

    (I’m not really jealous. The extra legal hurdles yall face, even when you’re really and truly legally married – it’s bullshit. I hope the next generation of gays has to get married just once like everybody else, and subsequently gets treated just like everybody else.)

  13. Love transcends gender and that is how it should be. Marriage is a commitment of souls, not just a sudden accumulation of half of someone else’s stuff and bank account. My two favorite men got married here in Vancouver, BC in July of 2009, and a happier wedding I could only hope to attend again.
    Something tells me that yours was equally as happy, and for that, I congratulate you. May you never lack for love and joy in your lives, and thank you for sharing a most intimate, special moment with the masses.
    Blessings to you both.

  14. I wish you both THREE HAPPY ANNIVERSARIES EVERY YEAR. Which, by my count, gets you six, total, each year, which is just barely enough.

    I got big smiles lookin’ at this photo. And the clerk gets a virtual hug from the family at Haiku Farm.

  15. So much love in that photo. Speaking of love, there is nothing (in my humble opinion) political about love. I am straight but wholeheartedly support the rights of all people to be afforded the legal right to marry the person they love. A toast to you and your spouse “to love, to laughter and happily ever after”

  16. such a wonderful photo! Congratulations. I am proud that our province was one of the first to allow marriage in Canada. I get so annoyed at the ones that are against it. Not so long ago it would have caused a scandal that I married a Catholic (I was raised protestant). In fact, the minister of my church refused to participate.

  17. I actually teared up at the photo and the story. I’m so glad you for y’all and all the other couples who were able to get in line while it was open. I pray one day it will be open for everyone, everywhere.

  18. This was our third wedding. Third time’s a charm, right? 😉
    Once in our church, and then a renewal commitment in our church, and finally, city hall. I could hug the clerk to pieces for asking Lily if she could borrow her camera, and take a picture of us signing the marriage certificate. There were 3 other couples in line getting married that day, all male/female, and they all started clapping. It was lovely. Our clerk also suggested we go outside and she’d marry us in the flower filled courtyard. It was a sunny day, lovely, and very emotional for us all, clerk included!
    Shaun insisted we stick to our “original” wedding date each time, because “I am NOT going to get you three anniversary presents every year!” (She does anyway.)

  19. great photo! I think personal choices should be personal, not subject to approval by committee. Glad you made it through the line and I hope that this will not be an issue for anyone in the near future.

  20. What a beautiful happy photo! I never understood why they closed the line again. Congratulations to the two of you! I’m glad you made it through the line while it was open –

  21. Wooo Hooo!! Congrats!! My partner and I married here in Ontario 5 years ago, just after it became legal and it still is!

  22. The best way to “defend marriage” is to honor committed relationships.

    Or, as I responded to a friend who has negative feelings about this, “How does it harm YOU?”

    Yes, I am straight. But I don’t think gays are bent.

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