What Do Horses Think About?

So we do not have to strain our puny human brains attempting the mind-melds horses find so normal, Hudson has filmed this short video to answer that question on a personal level:

(volume on, if you want his audio track)

19 thoughts on “What Do Horses Think About?

  1. My horse would have some song about working hard. Is there a cheerful song like Sixteen Tons? He works HARD… but loves it. So something about that would be great. Really, his entire existence seems to focus on working and learning, and trying to do everything right.

    Perfectionist little snot. 🙂

  2. Would Hudson please come to Arizona and teach my horse how he’s supposed to react to cattle? Some wandered on the property the other day, and I swear to you… they herded my horse. One would run him one way, and when he went too far another would turn him back. It was embarassing!

    1. Dude…two words:
      The cows came to you? Man you’re lucky. Ok, here’s the drill. Cows are our subjects, and our job is to rule. You are KING. We’re supposed to “take care” of cattle. “Take care” is…fun…you get to be…pushy. And bossy. And FAST. I mean…gentle.

      No matter where you are on the pasture pecking ladder, you are TOP with the cattle. You’re the boss. Run them puppies back…I mean (cough cough)…gently walk the cattle back through the fence line opening. Watch out for wire! But you might just find a whole lotta cows that lack a ruler….and need….help. Practice is good. You’re a horse. That means it’s in your genes. Just go with it.

      Only cow you don’t want to mess with: avoid horned moms with calves. Leave those to pros.

  3. Hudson must have been censoring his thoughts, or I’m sure there would have been a lot more thinking about horse feed, full buckets, horse treats, etc etc — and possibly Hudson outrunning Zenyatta …

    1. I am absolutely certain he was thinking those things too, but mom didn’t have any photos of treats, buckets of grain, etc. I – I mean HE – did this spur of the moment….
      and we would have been looking at the inside of “his” trailer (see everything belongs to Hudson) too, not the outside!
      I’ll ask him to remix. LOL.

  4. After I watched this, I went riding. I even took some video of Fee (trotting, of course, not walking) and got to wondering what music SHE would use in her “thinking.”

    The song that fit her best: “Rapid Roy the Stock Car Boy.” Sigh.

  5. Love it! Great music choice…It’s funny though, seeing other people’s perspectives…Hudson’s neck looks MIIIIILLLLLES long and so skinny! He reminds me of my old show horse, I forgot what it feels like to ride a horse like that. Tiny is so round and low with this short, stubby neck. Ha ha, we should all do videos from horseback and compare experiences!

    1. That would be FUN. If anyone else does that let me know and I’ll link to you!
      It is miles long. He’s a big thoroughbred-ish QH. All the DQ’s assume he’s a Warmblood.
      He’s right around 16 hands, maybe a little over, big for a QH.

  6. love this – and the video brings to mind a question:
    why are mane’s trained to fall on the right side?

    1. Good question. I may be ignorant here, but I believe horses manes are trained to fall on whatever side people can manage to get them to fall on evenly. Dinero’s mane falls on the left. Is there a horse faction i’m not aware of that trains manes to always fall on the right, guys?

      1. Yes… H/J manes are always trained to fall on the right, and I actually happen to know the answer to this. It’s due to tradition. In the hunt field, the whip was typically held on the left side, and cavalry soldiers used to carry their swords on the left, so the mane was trained to stay out of the way. We also do a lot of things on the left side, mounting and dismounting, girth tightening, etc., so I suppose that may have been a further reason.

        Yay! My useless piece of trivia came in handy!

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