Pet Library: Brothers With Good Memories Are Awesome

After yesterday’s post, I emailed my brother. Did he remember The Pet Library? Did he remember the city in which it was located?

Not only did he remember, he emailed the full name of what the pet library morphed into over the years: The Sulphur Creek Nature Center.

He’s backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range right now.  He probably has other things on his mind. (Or he’s hunting for tarantulas.) With a memory like that, it makes me wonder how many piggy banks he might have broken.

Drum roll: they still have a pet lending library. Seriously.

I notice rabbits are not on the list.

I’m in shock. Do their hamsters still change color as they get older?

If you click on the link, scroll down to “Animal Lending Library” for a full list of available animals.

I suspect they have an abundance of safeguards in place that didn’t exist when we were kids. It looks like a very comprehensive program.

It’s a good world that has a animal lending library…

7 thoughts on “Pet Library: Brothers With Good Memories Are Awesome

    1. That’s right!
      I’ve been known to exaggerate a teeny bit here and there (I’m elbowing Daisy to keep her from spewing with laughter.) but most of the funniest things are verbatim. Which bring us back to: Am I blessed? or Am I a fruitcake?

        1. This had me rolling and gasping for breath. Reading instructions on house training your wallaroo. Then I hit this sentence:
          “You can use baby diapers on joeys and pull-ups on older wallaroos.”
          This puts an image in my mind of a rebellious older wallaroo (think 3 year old kid) pulling down his pull-ups…just to be contrary. 😉

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