Official Ramble Alert

Poor Hudson.

We’re back to mind-numbingly boring walking. He’s fine.  I can’t seem to stay well. If I could count, I’d tell you what day of the migraine I am on. But I can’t remember what comes after “1…2…uh…11? 15…?”

Luckily, at this point,  it’s not the kind of migraine that makes you homicidal with pain. It’s the kind that makes the letters on the road signs look 3-D, and makes you hear only out of one ear.  I’m seeing double images. It’s selective double vision.  Just the letters look 3-D. The cow, the sign, the cars, they’re all normal.

Wait.  This isn’t just cool, it’s groooovy.  Is this what I missed in the 60’s? While all the normally 3-D stuff is still 3-D, all the flat stuff: signs, pictures, Jennifer Lopez’ stomach, now have dimension, and they shimmer.

Note to self: look for People magazine in line at grocery store. I know my pain will be significantly reduced if Jennifer Lopez’ stomach not only stuck out, but wiggled.

Hudson is about as safe as it gets, as long as you don’t flip his “Go” switch. Amazing that the nitrogen fueled horse is the one you can crawl on when you have a killer headache, and he’ll pack you around.  Oh, he’s safe when his Go switch is flipped: the only lack of safety would come from a rider’s lack of ability to stick with him.

We have been riding a lot with the cute red-headed mare and her funny mom, Laurie. This makes Hudson very, very happy. It’s also made for very pleasant rides and easy conversations. We share childhood horse-wildness.  I could try leaping from Hudson to Dinero in front of Laurie, and she wouldn’t bat an eye.

I found out Laurie’s been reading a blog about a gelding who is in love with a cute red-headed mare like hers. She said to me in the barn aisle, running a hand over his butt “Geeze, he’s like Jack LaLane…look at that muscle!” A tiny bell goes off, in the back of my brain, but it’s crowded out by pain neurons.

I think: how fun. I should ask her the name of the blog. Another blog with a talking horse in love with a red-headed mare. How likely is that?

You’re all way ahead of me, right?

Laurie has been reading this blog.

(Quick, someone offer her donuts! Maybe she’ll stay? You’ll like her: she’s warm and funny…)

PSA: (of dubious content and interest) I should be evened out by tomorrow.  The side of my head that doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode, should be exploding right around 5 pm.  I’m going to the dentist at 3, I figure the Novocaine will be wearing off right about then.

Disclaimer: Jane is not currently responsible for any content on TLH that is not funny, interesting, or even remotely amusing. She’s endurance blogging. Metaphorically, it’s midnight, cold, dark, and she wonders (while she trots along through the trees with a sprained ankle) why she ever entered the Post a Day challenge!

9 thoughts on “Official Ramble Alert

  1. Endurance blogging, huh?

    You should be midnight-writing with two sprained fingers, then.

    Just saying.

    Also: where’s your crew? They should be showing up with the rum soon?

  2. Donuts! My tummy says yes please my waistline says otherwise. Yes I have been thoroughly enjoying the blog and if you’ll have me, I will stay. Ginger is currently primping in anticipation for her next date with Hudson. She’s smitten. Hope your migrane vanishes quick like.

  3. “Endurance Blogging”
    Love that. I’m doing the A to Z Challenge this month with four blogs, and I can surely relate!
    Plus, the multi-day migraine is an annual spring event … and sometimes appears on other occasions.

  4. Is it possible that this misery is from seasonal allergies, or have you already tried that angle? I am Sooo impressed that you don’t let migraines stand in your way. ——Marge

    1. They aren’t classic migraines? I don’t think anyone could function with an honest to God classic pain migraine! I sure don’t want to sound like anyone should be able to go forth and rally with one of those. They level people.

      This is likely allergy caused, and why the intensity comes and goes. You’re so right!

  5. Too funny! I find it so strange when the blog horse world overlaps with the real horse world. Just last week I was at a horse show and someone I haven’t seen in over a year came up to me to ask how Tucker’s leg is doing… I blinked back at her…. She then explained that she “stalks his blog” and we both had a good laugh. I sometimes forget that people actually read this stuff.

    Sorry about the migraines. That really stinks.

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