He’s Gonna Blow!!!

By the time I get to the car, my legs are trembling from exhaustion.

I text Daisy:

Jane: U r totally feeling like riding the black stallion, rite? Gallop forever, wind in yr helmet….

Daisy: Um. What?

Jane: Shut up. I’m hypnotizing you: U feel a desperate need to gallop for hours on end…on big beautiful horse that runs like the wind. U want to be on horse that is super amped…you can’t wait to ride.  If only you had access to a horse like this…

Jane: Is it working?

Daisy: Um. No.

Jane: Drat. Just got off H… 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES of dead gallop, and he wants more.  Didn’t break a sweat. Not even puffing. I’m gonna fall off. Therefore, YOU feel like running like the wind….

Daisy: Um. No.

Jane: Bella is super sick. Alice is working OT.  You’re the only other person who can ride what he’s got.

Daisy: LOL. Um. No.

Jane: Not now. Tomorrow? Next Tuesday? He’s stuffed feelings down during dressage. He’s loaded and ready to fire. Need to wear him out.

Daisy: You do not want Hudson to be super fit.

Jane: I know I know. We’d never touch down. I used 1,000 lb roping saddle to tire him out.  Didn’t make any difference.

Daisy: Not. Riding. (No offense.)

Jane: Need to work on my hypnosis skills…

Not offended. Hudson and Daisy drive each other INSANE. She’s high energy, he’s high energy, somehow it all snowballs into crashing energy and clashing personalities.

Hudson’s had it up to the eyeballs with quiet walks and calm dressage work.  I can feel it building in him.  I need to channel that energy and release it into the wild.

I should contact Green Peace: I’m fairly certain he could power a small city.

When he gets enough run time, he comes back to earth, and walks like a normal horse.

When he doesn’t get enough run time, he amps himself into the stratosphere, and once he’s cantered/galloped, you can forget getting him to come down to a gait slower than a bombing trot.

Walking to cool out? Not gonna happen. He’ll jig, dance, try to break sideways into a trot/canter. I must admit, we had some decent Tranter work today. (He’s convinced he can sneak into a canter from a big trot and I won’t notice if they’re the same speed.)

He’s pretty much out of his mind when he represses too much desire to GO. He’s not being bad, not at all.  This is because he was so good for too long without enough fun.

This is my plan: roping saddle and as much galloping as I can stand without falling off, for the next week. He’ll have to go through correct paces first. And end collected. But between, I need to let him be who he is for a while. Once he’s had enough of that, he won’t care about going from a gallop to a walk. Or doing a shoulder-in.

I feel like I have to open the valve or we’re going to develop a problem.  Or six.

Well, there’s proof on the blog. He hacked into my computer. I have to keep the guy busy and content! A manifesto? Lord, save me. Breaking Barbie out of jail?

Hooves to dirt, here we come.

12 thoughts on “He’s Gonna Blow!!!

  1. Sounds to me, Jane dear, as if you have an Endurance Horse.

    An endurance horse doesn’t explode, s/he just needs to Move Out. A lot. For miles and miles and miles.

    Not the wild galloping thing–we don’t usually canter our endurance horses much until they’ve had 2-3 years of competition. But our “training rides” consist of unbelievably long, unbelievably sustained, and sometimes unbelievably brisk trotting. Yesterday we covered 18 miles of hills and swamps in 2.5 hours **without cantering**. The horses were mellow but not tired at the end. You want to see a dressage trot with a ton of impulsion from a massive rear engine? We’ve got those.

    Hudson needs to do this! Strap your helmet on tight and get yourselves out on the trails!!!!

    1. I think you nailed it, Aarene. He’d love that. Miles of trails! Heaven for him.
      We want to go with you!!

      Problem: I am a trailer-less mom. And he’d have to learn to like trotting.
      (I also didn’t pick the right title, dang it!)
      He doesn’t explode…it more that he’s full of explosive energy. His intensity scares people on the ground, (especially when he hits the gas) I guess he looks out of control, which he is most certainly not.

      While texting Daisy, I commented “It’s not like he’s some huge handful, he’s just a pain in the rear when he wants to go.” He pushes constantly: Go? Go now? How about NOW? No? What about now? Jig jig jig jig jig. Canter-in-place, jig jig jig jig jig. NOW?!?!? Geeze, when are you going to get on board, Jane?

      Walk? Fine. I’ll try.
      2 walk strides.
      Tried it. Wasn’t working for me.

      I ride him with an ergonomic HS loose ring lozenge snaffle. That gentle bit is plenty to keep him in check. God help you if you say “Whoa” at a dead gallop and don’t mean it.

      He’s like a kid with ADD when he gets wound up. Can’t help it, but listens when you say STOP. It’s “walk” he can’t tolerate. 🙂

  2. Good luck with that! Wouldn’t it be nice to get permission to just go to the track and let him run in circles to his hearts content…you on back of course. You won’t fall off! I know you won’t.

  3. Are you absolutely sure Hudson won’t be able to hit 4th gear in the arena? Good luck with that. Loved how he’s so smart he hacked into the computer, must be really bored but he does have a great sense of humor.

    1. He’s hit 4th gear in a big roping arena. I got to see that. Holeeee cow! Heck I got to ride 3rd gear (accidentally during practice). What a BLAST.

      He has a very dry sense of humor. Cracks me up.

  4. Thankfully (?) my horse reaches his I’M GONNA BLOW! stage and will run on his own without me. We just moved to horse property so he can be out 24/7 because of his need to run. We actually estimated that he runs approximately 15 miles/week in turnout when living in a corral without hours and hours turned out every day.

    That “I’m gonna blow!” feeling isn’t the greatest – but the energy there before they reach that stage is SO FUN! Talk about impulsion! Have fun with Hudson – hopefully he doesn’t keep himself quite as fit as my horse does!

  5. Tucker and Hudson would TOTALLY get along. Tucker does this too… he is a perfect angel for weeks on end, completely repressing his need for speed, happy to do his flat work and go for long walks and have 3 days off in a row and still be a saint… and then one day… the 1/4 TB in him cannot be silenced any longer! And he must go! Go now! Whenever possible, I try to find a big open field, chuck the reins at him, get up out of the tack, and say, “Go ahead.” He flicks his ears back and forth and canters along, and finally I have to say, “No, really, I mean it. GO!” And WOW, what a feeling that is. There’s nothing else like it.

    1. There is no way Hudson is not an Appendix QH. I’d look up his breeding, but it’s not easy like TB’s through the Jockey Club, where you just enter the registered name. At least, that I have found. I’d love to know his real age. I’m sure he and Tucker would egg each other on!

  6. Sounds like you really need the use of a track somewhere…. or at least a long straight dirt road. I used to love long straight dirt roads when I owned Jay… even better if they went up-hill. The only place better is on a deserted beach. Much, much easier to gallop in a line than in a circle. I think all horses really need to stretch out into a full gallop with their people every now and then. Some more often than others, though.

  7. YES! DO it! Go, go, gallop! And please, have someone get a PICTURE or some video for us folks with horses who just want to walk…for all of us who so MISS those giddy-hinging-on-scary, full-out racing gallops of our youth.

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