Please Hold While We Find Out Why TLH Is Showing Up in Russian…

Ok. That was strange. I think it’s fixed now? Can you read this?

If so: self-healing blog.

Every post I tried to write yesterday came out in the characters of the Russian alphabet. I admit I have some strange personal issues with interrupting the electrical flow of…uh….electricity (how’s that for a brilliant statement?).

I have 7 watches.  I regularly replace the batteries in all 7. This is a major life problem: I have no sense of time. I put on watch, and the battery goes Hari-Kari within hours. Apparently, I scare the life out of batteries.

It would be a great Super Hero power, if it had any practical use other than increasing the coffers of the battery manufacturers. Let me know if you figure one out.  I’ll have a cape made: Battery Destructo Woman!

Our pantry is full of light bulbs. Shaun turns on a lamp, and it works. I turn on a lamp, the bulb freaks out and commits suicide.

This worries me. But so far the computer, TV, cell phone, and car all seem to be unaffected. Maybe they aren’t as intimidated by me as lightbulbs and batteries.

This is why, when the blog showed up in Russian, why I went right to Uh-Oh.  My electronic Kappowee abilities are expanding! I didn’t immediately assume it was a WordPress glitch, or an internet hiccup.

For whatever reason, TLH attracts most of its spam from Russia. Where, it seems, this blog looks like a big money-maker for X-rated entertainment.  (Those thingies over my head are huge question marks.)

I figured all bloggers were getting swamped by X-rated Russian spammers. So I asked a few. Nope. Just TLH.

I mean, Hudson is cute and all, but…really?

Hopefully this will post, and you won’t wonder where the heck I am.

(I’m blowing up watches and light bulbs when I’m not here, FYI.)

16 thoughts on “Please Hold While We Find Out Why TLH Is Showing Up in Russian…

    1. This was fun. 🙂
      In Google translate, this came back as “Nothing, I speak Russian”.
      At least one of us does! But I don’t think you’ll be wanting to read, (or I will want to forward!) the Russian spam.

  1. I get hits from the weirdest places, too. I don’t click on the site sources but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are of the similar vein as yours. Spam has slowed down lately.

  2. My second biggest source of hits on my blog is a Russian pornography site. You are not alone in attracting the seedy underbelly of Slavs.

    I stopped wearing a watch when cell phones were invented. I’ve destroyed many a cell phone, but only through dropping them. No magnetism here! Well, unless you count the Russians…..

  3. My grandmother had something in her system that would shut down a watch almost as soon as she put it on. I often hang my watch in my belt loop when washing dishes, grooming horses, etc. to keep it out of my way. I wonder if that would work.
    As to the sporadic malfunctioning of various things, I seem to have issues with the KGB as well (Kaflooing Genetic Blooperisms). The one that really made me nuts was the kitchen light over the sink. I could flick that stupid switch 20 times before it would finally come on (and sometimes that little unprintable word never did come on). My husband could hit the switch ONE time and it would come on. This, of course, would cause DH to say something like, “I don’t know why you have so much trouble, there’s nothing wrong with it”. A very slappable statement, that. The Putz. Anyway, I fixed his little red wagon by dragging him into the kitchen to turn it on for me every single time *grin*. Didn’t take too long before he fixed that unbroken light either ;o)

  4. Yes, I stop watches also. I’m starting to wonder who DOESN’T stop watches…they must work for somebody, right?

    Russian spammers must be afraid of Swampish retribution. They steer clear of the puddles and my blog, for which I am devoutly thankful. Skunks also, not a problem thus far. Stay tuned.

  5. I have the same problem with watches and batteries. My mom had it, and my maternal grandmother does too. We always called it our “magnet problem”. However, my problem extends to computers. I fry them with alarming regularity. I have a Dell that has been refurbished twice and now Dell no longer recognizes me as a consumer. Oops. See also: my netbook that overheated and melted and my Gateway that no longer turns on. Being magnetic is expensive!

    1. As another aside, I can erase a floppy disk just by carrying it in my back pocket all day. I would prove it, but for the life of me I don’t know of a computer that can read a floppy disk anymore!

  6. I have a friend who blows out clocks, watches, lights, etc like you do. She is also an awesome animal healer. She can channel that “electricity” through her hands/body and help heal. I know it sounds strange and hockey and I am a very science/evidence based type person but I’ve seen it. She doesn’t talk about it because it just sounds…. weird. Maybe you should try Reiki training… I bet you’d be awesome.

    1. Holy crap. The Russian Skunk Mafia. Who did I tick off?
      I know I’m being followed.
      Went into the hay barn last night (looking for baling twine) and a skunk stood perched on the top hay bale, looking down at me.
      I need to find out what they eat…
      place offerings.

  7. I do the same thing to watch batteries. My cousin does too. I had a jeweler suggest gluing a small piece of rubber to the backside of the watch face, so the metal isn’t actually contacting my skin. Haven’t tried it, it was easier to just give up watches and rely on clocks around me (phone, computer, etc). I also can’t wear any of that magnetic jewelery. It HURTS!!!! Feels like someone is constantly pulling all the tiny little hairs under there, but it’s not, it’s something with the magnetic jewelery and my… um…. “charging” personality. 😉

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