Last of the Spring Cattle Drives

Photos from Bella, since we didn’t get to go. Now I know what she meant when she said it’s steep, rocky, and brushy. Thanks, Bella.

The view is awesome. Glad you had your phone, and were high enough for a cell tower!

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(Don’t let Hudson see this, or I will never live it down…those are Dinero’s ears!  I know those ears! Where am I?  How come I’m not there?!?)

7 thoughts on “Last of the Spring Cattle Drives

  1. I talked to Bella on the phone tonight – she had an appointment after work, so I ponied Dinero to keep him loose (and because it’s fun!) she called to see if I noticed any unsoundness. Being a good mom. 😉 And no, not that I could see!
    The terrain was so tricky there was no way she could take even a cell photo of most of the drive, she was too busy being extremely conscious of where and how she had to ride. The photos here were of places where she didn’t need to use all her attention.

    This is the land the cattle were run on, if you want to get more of a sense of the area:

  2. wow, it looks awesome. I asked Irish if he wanted to try it and he was enthusiastic. He then asked what cattle were, so perhaps it wouldn’t be such a good idea 😉

    1. It seems to be common if you inform the horse they get to chase the cow, they start liking them very very much. My guess is all you’d have to do is let Irish push around a mellow cow, and you’d have a horse introduced to cattle! (As opposed to spooking at the moo.)

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