We Have a Grooming Truce…

Dear Jane,

True. I do hate baths. If your excessive grooming is bath avoidance, then I can live with it. Sort of.

Did you hear Bella today? She said I have dapples. DAPPLES. (Girls love dapples.)

And that pretty redhead Arab we rode with? She thought I was handsome.  Did you see the way she pinned her ears at me?  Yup, I’m looking goooood.When a mare is thinking about kicking you? She has the hots for you. She was SO thinking about kicking.

I. Am. The Man.

I don’t know who Ted Bundy is, but if you mean that nasty, evil, gelding in the next paddock, yeah he’s a piece of work. I know he’s lonely, but dude, don’t attack other horses. Doesn’t exactly make me want to be friends, you know?

Hey. You think you can get the redhead moved up here?  Move the slasher dude?

Honestly, I think you need to get help for the grooming OCD. I can live with it if I get dapples out of the deal.  Whatever. Especially if you torture-groom Dinero too.

I didn’t like that he got to go in the trailer today and I didn’t.

Putting me in the grass place was awesome.  (Dinero didn’t get to go out in the grass. We’re even. That cancels out not going in the trailer.)

I think grass helps with dapples.  Can I go into grassy place every day?

BTW, the “work” today sucked. Man you were terrible. Letting me run? That was awesome.  I needed it after your weird messages. You need to simple it down, K? Get a whiteboard or something.

To sum it up:

I’ll tolerate the excessive, picky, over the top grooming if you make dapples, and turn me out in the grassy place. And let me run after you drive me insane. Deal?



6 thoughts on “We Have a Grooming Truce…

  1. Poor Hudson. Being taken care of all the time and not allowed to be a dirty wild pony. Will the pampering never end.

    Too bad you don’t have a horse like Dusty she lives to be groomed and fussed over. Of course, she thinks she deserves all the attention due her highness.

  2. Well, I guess Freedom has the upper hand in our relationship. I frequently just knock the top layer of dirt off before we ride. I never seem to have enough time these days to do everything and grooming is the first to go.

    On the flip side, I usually give him a good massage after riding. Sometimes he gets cranky about it but in the end he always gives in and relaxes.

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