Spring, the Musical

This is for folks still suffering with the white stuff, and/or eternal rain.

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Can you hear the birds?  Feel the yank on the lead rope as your normally obedient horse tries desperately to lunge at the lush green stuff? This is what is blooming: grass, wild marigolds, oxalis, California poppies, nasturtiums, periwinkle, the rose, some sort of agave, and no clue what the pretty pink stuff is. There’s an entire grove of golden chain trees: (that I forgot to photograph, so this will have to do)

A rose did burst into bloom today at Bella’s.

These are pics I took all around the barn, with my cell phone.  It was 90 degrees out there. Ninety.  Not a typo. That’s a 50 degree difference from two days ago.

Not complaining.  Marveling.

I went early to weed whack all the luscious grass outside Hudson’s paddock, to prevent another eating accident and chiropractic bill. I need to widen the swath, but this should disappoint him sufficiently that he’ll leave it alone. I also turned him out in a grassy area while I whacked, to hopefully mitigate the urgent need for green.

Tomorrow, when the batteries are recharged, I will change the horsey-neck reach from “highly unlikely” to “why bother trying, it’s impossible”.

I’m going to go back and ride tonight when it’s cooler. All the horses were happy, but a bit dazed by the heat. I didn’t want to inflict heat torture on either Hudson or myself. We’ll get used to it again, but why push things?


5 thoughts on “Spring, the Musical

  1. We recently had torrential rains (4″ in 2 days!) and t-storms, so our pasture is more like a mud wrestling pit right now. My horses are cranky from being cooped up. But, they’ll be staying inside until things dry out a little more today.

  2. Sending private jet (with room for Tucker and Fiddle, of course!) and holding the best grass paddocks for you. Bring your tank tops, shorts, boots, and swimsuits. I have sunscreen, pool, and grill. If Tucker wants some good jumping, we’ll put him up over at Daisy’s, where the footing is specifically for jumping, and they have real jumps! It’s a ten minute trailer ride from our barn. Of course, Barbie and Tucker will fall in love, and Marissa will never get to go home. Hudson and Fee will too, I’m sure, so moving in with Jane and crew is the only logical option.

    We are no longer infected. Which means we can have FUN. I bet the girls would invite you on the cattle drive! Tucker can stick close to Hudson, he will protect him from all things cow. 😉 Mostly because he wants the cow FIRST. LOL.

  3. Move over, Marissa and Jane: I’m moving in, too. Went riding today, temps in the mid-50’s, and rain of course. Coming home, I saw the county engineers with their flood-measuring equipment on the bridge…they did not look happy….


  4. Oh my goodness. I think Tucker and I are moving in. We are both SO SICK of this cold rain/sleet/slush disgustingness. It is April tomorrow! And they are predicting snow! We are both horrified. We want to ride outside.

    Laughed out loud at the lead rope yanking. I typically walk Tucker around barely holding the lead rope because he follows along so nicely, and the other day he just about yanked me off my feet for some grass — I felt like an 8-year-old with a naughty pony again!

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