Mommy Has One Month to Go…

…and she’s looking mighty good.  Barbie’s already started to bag up.

We have a story about this.

I get a text from Daisy, and all I can tell is it’s a tiny picture.  Of something. I look closer at tiny picture, and am immediately embarrassed.  Daisy is not going to send me a photo of a Brazilian wax job.  Wrong recipient.

Then I realize: helllooooo, Daisy is not going to send anyone a photo of a Brazilian wax job.

I open the photo to make it phone-sized.  Turn it this way and that.  Huh.  Then it hits me.  It’s a photo of Barbie’s milk sack enlarging.

Now the text that followed the picture makes sense: “I broke at least 16 pony club rules getting this photo.”

I can’t wait to read all your replies in-depth.

(WordPress was down yesterday, so I got a Get Out of PostADay Free card.)

10 thoughts on “Mommy Has One Month to Go…

  1. For sure I will have her read that chapter- however I think Jane is right…it will be in the middle of the night. Or a Monday morning when I am already at work.

    1. What if we rip out those pages, and insert a new chapter that reads: “Mares must try to deliver foals in the middle of the night during the week, because that is most convenient for humans. A gracious mare always tries to deliver in the dark, in the worst weather, and never on the weekend.”

      Reverse psychology? Think it will work?

  2. So exciting I got goose bumps! I don’t have any friends who are breeding this year and I have vowed not to make any more horses… so I am thrilled to be living vicariously though you!

      1. Barbie will read this chapter, and do everything she can to delay the onset of labor, so the humans have to be there at 2 am on a work night, because she is THE STAR, and we cannot be allowed to forget this.

  3. It’s her bag, y’know. 🙂 Or her udder. 🙂 A milk sac sounds like a disease …

    And now that she’s in the last few weeks, it could actually be Any Time Now. 😀

    Just remember, the Mare Hasn’t Read the Book. 😀

    1. It does sound like a disease. 😉 And you’re right, of course.

      Occasionally I try for wording that will make posts understandable for the non-horsey. Which makes it sound…stupid…to the horsey. (Unfortunately, this is not a disclaimer to being stupid, which I am known to be on occasion.)

      I have to laugh at myself, I’m not sure non-horse people even read TLH!

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