What Are Your Greatest Weaknessess Around Horses?

What are your greatest weakness(es) around horses?

  • Do you find yourself scared of one particular thing?  How do you deal with it?
  • Do you occasionally bite off more than you can chew?
  • Or do you not challenge yourself enough?
  • Is it easy or hard to lose your temper?
  • Are you a tack addict?
  • And obsessive clipper of hearts on butts?

These are just suggestions to oil the machinery, if you have  your own, great!

7 thoughts on “What Are Your Greatest Weaknessess Around Horses?

  1. Ugh, my nerves! Even during lessons, sometimes I have to block out that anxious little voice in my head, and ignore my heart pounding, take a deep breath and just ride the dang horse already. It can be soooo frustrating when you know you and your horse are perfectly capable of doing something, but your stupid nerves are getting in the way, keeping you from riding well, confusing the heck out of your horse, and generally making everything more difficult. Things go so much better when I can stay relaxed, and confident, and focused. If only I could make sure that I act like that every time!

  2. Probably not a good disciplinarian. I’m always giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. I am not good with studs because I’m letting ’em get away with stuff and they know I’m easy. I just love me a good ol’ gelding any day of the week.

  3. I’m too impatient with myself.

    Oh, I have many, many flaws – we all do. But where I can see someone else’s flaws and see how they’ve also improved on many others… I just get impatient with myself for not being able to defeat all my flaws at once! Right now I’m impatient with my fitness level. My horse is by far the biggest mover I’ve ever ridden, and his movement keeps getting bigger as my strength grows… so I am always sore and always trying to keep up. I feel as if I am never going to manage just from riding him 6 days a week!

  4. Oh, lots of weaknesses here. I am most certainly a saddle addict. At any time I probably own between five and seven saddles. I LOVE to buy saddles and see how they ride — does it improve my balance? What makes it different? I bought a Stackhouse eventing saddle over the winter and am lovin’ it right now. It’s so balanced it makes me stick like a tick.

    Probably my greatest weakness is not being fit enough. There have been times in my life when I was. But these days, between work, kids, etc. I just don’t have enough time to cross train. When I’m not fit enough my riding suffers. My core isn’t strong enough, my endurance isn’t good enough and I get too fat. I’m trying to fit more into every day but until the days (not just the daylight) get longer, there’s just not more than I can do.

  5. I lose confidence very easily. I had a couple bad experiences after 3 years of from riding, and now it only takes a bit of slight misbehavior (head shaking, prancing) to completely demoralize me. I am a good rider, and I now this, but I just don’t have the confidence I used to, and it kills me.

  6. I hate giving horses injections. I can do it and I will do it but I hate doing it. I always get the shakes afterward. It’s very traumatic for me. More so than for the horse in most cases. I’ve had lots of practice and can get a rather large needle deep into a muscle without the horse even flinching sometimes. But I still hate it.

    My other weakness around horses is the sun. Whenever the sun and I are both around horses I end up all red and hot and headachy. I’m the opposite of Superman – that yellow sun is my kryptonite. Hats get in the way, or blow off. Sunscreen sweats into my eyes and ends up being wiped all over my sleeves. It doesn’t seem to matter how much water I drink, it’s never enough. I really need an indoor arena, or a trail through a densely canopied forest. I’m always thankful for a day with heavy cloud cover.

  7. Worrying – mostly in the area of horse care/health, less so as to whether what I’m doing training-wise is going OK or working – I’m pretty matter of fact about that and know that things don’t always go in a straight line.

    I worry about: ulcers, weight – too much or too little, will they get injured (and someone’s always getting injured), is a lameness a big or little issue, are they safe (fences, etc.), are they drinking enough water, do they need a blanket or sheet, etc., etc. Despite all this I do let them be horses. Makes it hard to get away from home much or every take a vacation!

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