Jane Will Be MIA, But the Blog Will Go On

Isn’t there a Celine Dion song about that?

My bug isn’t going away any time soon, and we have family coming to stay for a week. That does not look good for blogging.

Me and my brain had a little chat.

Jane: Geeze a week off, that’s no good.

Brain: Too bad you can’t tell people to talk amongst themselves till you get back. That’s kinda funny.

Jane: In what universe would that be funny?  No.

Brain: Well, fine, don’t ask me, I’m on 4 different kinds of medication and loopy from cough syrup.

Jane: Obviously. Hmmm. You’ve give me an idea though.

So here’s the idea. I’m always interested in what you think. I’ll post a question a day, and if you feel inclined, you can answer in the comments section (interview time, I can get to know you better!) or you can write a post and link in the comments, so others can see what you think.

I’ll start tomorrow. Computer access will be limited, so if you haven’t commented before, your comment will be held for me to click “yes, dadgummit, let her/him talk!

That may take a few days, but I’ll get there!


7 thoughts on “Jane Will Be MIA, But the Blog Will Go On

    1. Daisy will make me. Don’t worry. Once it was over, it was hilarious. Hey, a new epitath!
      “Once it was over, it was hilarious”

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