Stalemate: Dogs do Not Understand “Flu”

I tried throwing his toys.  I gave him lots of affection.  He’s inexhaustible.  I couldn’t walk him very far yesterday. He’s the only dog I know that can untie a double knot on a tennis shoe.

Once he gets something in his mind:

His feeling was: get the feet to move, the rest will follow. I will get my walk.

I love that he’s figured my feet come with their own leashes: he just has to unroll them.

5 thoughts on “Stalemate: Dogs do Not Understand “Flu”

    1. Hi Barbara, I’m sorry, somehow your comment got stuck in my spam filter, which I always forget to check. You should be able to comment right away from now on!
      He is very persistent. I think he laid down like that, pulling on my foot with his whole body for five minutes. That can’t be easy!

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