Lacking A BeDazzler, There’s Always Crochet

Warning: put on  your sunglasses to prevent retina damage.

Photographed and sent in by Shaun, spotted on the streets of NYC.

Do we need to start crocheting saddle covers? Clearly, horse body suits can be done. Personally I’m leaning toward bubble wrap body suits for horses: cut to fit, hot glue seams, voilà! A horse that can pop bubbles when it rolls, yet will have some protection from being a horse.


This is from Daisy, humorous, but also a masterwork of knitting (and humane taxidermy) by Rachel Denny:

(Because I called in sick to the blog, I can rationalize putting up a whacko post as just dropping by with goofiness.  It doesn’t have to be a real post.)

6 thoughts on “Lacking A BeDazzler, There’s Always Crochet

  1. As much as I love to crochet, all I could think when I saw the pics was YUCK. I think I’d definitely have to pass on those patterns.
    Side Note: That bike cover (in spite of it’s buttugliness) had to have been fairly tricky to make. Somebody’s pretty darn talented with a hook, although I think it’s painfully obvious that their aesthetic sense is seriously handicapped :o)

  2. The top photo reminds me, one year we had a challenge at the barn, to see who could make the most interesting/useful thing out of baling twine. Katherine won, hands down, making crocheted grocery bags. If you’d never seen baling twine, you’d never know what they were made of.

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