Photo Proof that a Labrador Will Try to Swim in One Inch of Water

The day I went to take pictures of our foal in the oven, Molly was also there, with her labs.  Labrador’s really love water.  Montana watched me walk out on the grass, above which Barbie’s pregnant belly was hovering, and then start jumping around: it was boggy. I stepped on a solid clump of grass and my tennis shoe went completely underwater. I was leaping, splashing and swearing.  This was Montana’s response:

Water?!?  I’m going IN.

She lays down and wiggles her body as deeply into the water as possible.  Her nose is floating.

Then she dives…totally ready to dog paddle.

If you look closely, you can see she’s making waves, that’s water surging over her leg. She’s swimming.  Never mind it’s only an inch of water!

Like all good water dogs, shaking it off!

She had Daisy, Molly and I rolling with laughter. It was not a warm day.

To watch her joyfully splash and play in the grass puddles as if she was in a lake was hilarious. Even better, she’s not a young dog.

Is this the doggie version of Dance Like No One Is Watching?

7 thoughts on “Photo Proof that a Labrador Will Try to Swim in One Inch of Water

  1. I had a lab who regularly swam in my creek — although it was almost always less than 3″ deep. She would plunk herself down and wiggle along.

    (And when it flooded — it was part of the overflow system for a local lake — and was 8′ deep running about 45 miles an hour, she would LEAP in, be turned around by the time she was about 25 feet down stream, and swim upstream to the trail the horses used to cross it in dryer weather — over and over and over and over and over … )

    1. What a great story! Makes a lovely memory too.

      I had a friend who had two labs and a big pool in the back yard. Pool was baby fenced, as they had young children. Dogs figured out, in the middle of the night, if they climbed on the landscaped embankment and lept, they could sail over the baby fence, straight into the pool. She called the police at 1 am, not wanting to confront whoever was in her pool, and she couldn’t tell, the lighting was bad. So embarrassed when the culprits were her dogs.
      Bought better lighting the next day. 🙂

  2. We had a similar experience this weekend but with a puddle. Turns out it had a deep end and the dog just threw itself down in it. Ah, SPRING!

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