In Which We Terrorize the Populace with an Invisible Dog

Christmas disappears at night.  It’s as if the leash simply vanishes into nothingness.  I literally can’t see him at the end of the leash.  Maybe I should contact the city about better street lights.

This wasn’t a problem until recently, when a kid popped out of the bushes unexpectedly. Startled, Christmas growled, and air snapped a million times around the kid’s legs, very fast. The boy was about 15, and couldn’t SEE the dog.  He was blindly jumping, knowing something was after him, (or possibly I was shooting a gun at his feet).

He looked scared, and said accusingly, “What the !@#$ is it?  Why are you pointing it at me?!?  Stop!”

“Sit!”, I yell, sternly.

The boy sits instantly on the sidewalk.

Maybe that did come out a bit harsh?

Meanwhile, Christmas figures out it was an error, and hurls himself into boys lap, causing boy to protectively grab…boy stuff, in case I’ve tossed a bomb. He’s still not sure what’s going on: am I an undercover cop about to produce handcuffs, or simply insane?

Christmas washes boys face. Translation: sorry, you scared me.

I don’t feel too badly about all this.  Boy had certain….sickly sweet aroma about him.  The kind that makes some people very very hungry for brownies.

Still. Time to do something about the stealth dog.  I go to the pet store. Flashing ball lights are too small.  A lighted collar looks great!  It’s really a light strip that Velcro’s onto the existing collar. Presumably you could use it on a halter as well.  Maybe for night riding?

Christmas in full sun:

Christmas with lighted collar:

Oh yeah.  WAY better:

Fine. Not perfect, but somewhat visible.  It’s likely the populace is still terrorizable, but it will be terrorized by a floating day-glo orange strip, instead of existential nothingness.

7 thoughts on “In Which We Terrorize the Populace with an Invisible Dog

  1. Too funny. Maybe he growled because the kid was high? My lab loves everyone but there have been a few times out walking when she’s picked up on something and growled. I think she senses mental instability and drugs.

  2. I am not sure why, but the first photo of Christmas’ glowing collar (there being no evidence of Christmas himself) made me laugh out loud. A good way to start the day!

    Perhaps Christmas could get a job with Scared Straight?

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