When Compassion Meets Passion

You get a man like Narayanan Krishnan:

CNN video Feeding the Hungry, Nourishing the Soul

(embedding is disabled, but you will be glad you clicked, sat through the ad, and watched.)

Most of us know this with our animals, but finder it a bit difficult to step forward and do this with humans, at times for very good reasons.

I’ll let the video speak for itself.

6 thoughts on “When Compassion Meets Passion

  1. Apologize schmologize – who needs one? That was an excellent clip and what a wonderful way to walk through this life; in the service of others.

    1. Not our usual programming.
      I heart this guy.
      I’ll try really hard not to apologize for seemingly straying so far off topic…
      I was talking to someone yesterday, marveling about a certain animal’s transformation. Food and Love, given with heart, heals a lot of critters.

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