The Zombies Ate My Brains, So We Go Visit The Neighbors

(It’s a pun, go there.  Neigh…bors.)

How do we know this?  I signed up for the postaday challenge.  What?  The fact I’m doing it isn’t proof I’ve been taken over by Zombies?  I mean really, a recent post with out of focus daffodils? I rest my case.  Insane.

The bad news: posting daily cuts deeply into my blog reading time.

The good news: I can make time:  I’ll just take you with me!

Super article  on new Laminitis treatment using stem cells, over at Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog. Be sure you see the 6 months post-treatment radiographs.

Enjoyed reading Kit Hazelton’s post reviewing the different types of english saddles (I feel stupid, but had no idea there was such a thing as an english “trail” saddle.)

Text messaging short code for horse people is a crack up over at Kim’s. Enlightened Horsemanship Through Touch. (By the way, HSIN.) Edit: HSIH.

At Farm Fresh Forensics, I think we can all identify (Aarene, LOOK!) with both the process of obtaining, and the love of owning: Hideously Beautiful Boots.

Some short, sweet, good advice found by Girl on a Mountain With a Chicken, and shared here.

A post at Equine Ink that I believe proves the outside of a person is good for the inside of a horse. I doubt it was done with humor in mind, but for some reason, I find the picture hilarious.

I know a lot of us are Been Here, Done Far Too Much in the weather department.  The Weather is Broken post over at Haiku Farm. helps make it bearable. Love the story in foot prints.

Oh there’s more.  There’s always more!  But this should be a good start.  Enjoy.

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