The Old and The Restless

I seem to be on a soap opera theme?

Really, this has to do with miniature daffodils.

It’s gray.  It’s raining.  I walk out the back door, and the teensy daffodils are blooming.


Life is good. The sun came out.  I got hugged by my horse. I’m (temporarily) not psycho. Never mind it’s supposed to snow here tonight, in the land of No Snow. The daffodils declare it’s time to grab a pitchfork, and muck out the house.

I thought in my non-pitchfork down time I’d virtually clean the blog. I can eat cupcakes do isometric exercises and clean at the same time.  How perfect is that?

We’re open for opinion!

Warning, excellent opinions may be irresponsibly disregarded.

You never know. I might go psycho again, throw caution to the winds, and splash the site in wild colors.

Yes!  I’d LOVE to give you some advice:

12 thoughts on “The Old and The Restless

  1. You should totally be on Facebook! And you should totally have an archive thingie, like most of us on blogger have. Makes it really easy to find “that one thing Jane posted like a month ago or maybe two months ago, and I’ll know the title when I see it…”

    Your sidebar is fine. I think it’s awful when the sidebar is like 2x longer than the post + comments – and I’ve seen that on some blogs! but if you’ve got more main content on a page than you do sidebar stuff, you’re a-ok 🙂

  2. Jane, you and Hudson and this blog are one of the (many) delights of my life. Who cares what it looks like. Dust it off if you want, but srsly, I’m here for the content: your stories and photos.

    Now, please pack up a huge supply of cupcakes and come to the Swamplands (bring Hudson…bring Daisy…bring Shaun…bring the kids and the dog too) and do an endurance ride with me. Just a leetle one. Potluck after! We’ll need extra cupcakes for that. Chocolate cupcakes.

    1. I think you’re on to something.
      I’m terrific with frosting. Frosting art. And then I want it to be eaten, so I can make more. I promised Bella a cake made entirely of frosting for her birthday.
      Blogs…I’m learning is my best glass half-full expression.
      Bringing cupcakes! Where are we going?! Hudson is going to be thrilled. Daisy and Shaun will wait at the end with “grape juice” and lawn chairs. (We will have to provide horse equivalent of Great Wall of China between Shaun and horses.)

  3. The transparent effect thingy is easy. If you want to go that route, let me know. I can send you instructions as vague or as detailed as you like.

    I don’t have any advice on cleaning up blogs. My blog is still suffering from bright ideas about organization I had years ago.

    Wait… I do have advice: Don’t do it.

    Remember when I told you not to gloat about the weather? Remember what happened?

    My advice is good. Learn from my mistakes.

    Don’t do it.

    1. I’ve seen that transparent thingie on Blogger and some of the CSS smart peoples blogs. (I’m not one of those) Would love to know how to do it. Not that I’m going to change anything. I remember about the weather.
      Aarene’s weather is totally broken. I really don’t want to go there.

      I’d like the sidebar to be cleaner. But I also have this teeny problem with link addiction. I’ve been thinking about putting links on their own page. Dumb? Smart? I don’t even have half the links I’d like to have up. 😦

    2. I wanna know, if Jane doesn’t!
      Don’t want to hijack, but I’m not averse to experimenting, if I know where to start… (The really easy thing I thought it was didn’t work.)

  4. I don’t comment often, but read faithfully. But you asked…
    I would like the background picture even better if I could see ALL of it–you know, the transparent effect on the central post part. If you figure out how to do that (it’s possible, I’ve seen it) let me know, ’cause I haven’t figured it out yet either!
    From what I’ve seen of the disappearance of other favorite bloggers to FaceBook, I’d much rather your focus was here–I tend to get lost on FB.
    btw, since I’m commenting, LOVED the post yesterday!

    1. Okay! Good point. I was thinking a Facebook page would be a nice place for people to chat without being nervous about commenting. But I think you’re right, I am not sure I could keep up both! And it would be silly for me to not be on the Facebook page. 😉
      What would I do without you guys to help me out?

  5. I can tell that there are mountains…and lots of space….and blue skys and lots of sunshine. All that, and horses and blue heelers is all I need in my world.

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