Last Call for Horse Valentines!

I don’t think I missed anyone, but if you didn’t see your valentine, or a link up here to your valentine, please let me know.  My inbox is a sneaky, tricky beast that likes to flash shiny objects in my eyes and make me look stupid.

Spooky Music’s story:

I read your posts and decided to share my story with you.

I was raised in the city, and had only ever ridden horses a handful of times in my whole life.  If there is a shade of color past green that you can be, I was it.

I got married in 2004, and moved across the country twice for my husband’s job in the Navy. We moved to places where I had no friends, and never saw him, so I spent a lot of time on the internet: Petfinder became interesting.  Especially the horse section. I knew we couldn’t have one where we where, but we talked a lot about someday…

When he got out of the Navy, we moved back home to Texas and we settled into life’s routine. Sadly, again, most of my friends were gone or had families of their own. So yet again I was alone.

After being home two years, I said I wanted to start looking into getting a horse. I was told I should start looking, but not to get attached to anything yet. I started at Petfinder again. This beautiful, gorgeous, black mare was staring me in the face. But I knew I couldn’t take on a rescue. I moved on to Craigslist, where this horse was listed in my area for 500 dollars. I made a call and was told to come look at her. I did.  She was a dark bay. Nothing really remarkable stood out about her: 14.3 hands high, black socks, brown fur, black mane and tail.

Except she crow-hopped with the owner on her, when I told her she needed to show me the horse was ridable before I got on.  (As I didn’t have much experience with horses.) After the hopping was over, she minded well, so I agreed to try her out.  The owner saddled up her horse also, and we went riding for 3 hours.

I rode that horse through water, in an arena, down the trails, and had not one issue with her at all. I could not believe this horse was still for sale once the ride was over.  The owner told me if I wanted her she was mine, she couldn’t keep her, and if I didn’t take her she was going to auction. I accepted the horse.  Then she told me of the guy who had come down from Dallas to try her out: when he got on, she laid down.

What I didn’t know about horses became painfully obvious in my relationship with this mare. She was a herd-sour, cow-kicking nightmare, that reared, kicked out, and bucked all the time.  Several scam artists portraying themselves as horse trainers, a change in her feed, and a lot of patience and finding the right help later: I wouldn’t trade that mare for anything in the world.

Working with her gave me the confidence I needed to go ahead and adopt that horse I kept looking at on Petfinder: an untouchable mare with dread locks in her mane and tail, and crazy eyes. After two years of work, trust, and a lot of treats later, she is the nicest, most trust worthy horse I have. And she is now being ridden!

It’s funny how my heart split, and so much love and passion evolved in my life for my horses. I was truly missing something in my life.  Then these two mares came into my life a year a part. I have only owned horses for 3 years, and now I have better self-confidence, and awareness.

I am forever changed by my horses. With any luck, now that I have mastered so much ground time with my mares, I am hoping my journey learning to ride (now that my horses are ridable) will be one without too many spills.

4 thoughts on “Last Call for Horse Valentines!

  1. Kept hearing mention of you on other blogs, so I thought I’d come over and check out yours. Love the story about your first two horses. I’ve not been around horses my whole life either. I bought Boo back in 2004. He’s been my best friend many times and the bane of my existence at other times 😉 He’s taught me a lot and helped me to develop skills and self confidence I never dreamed possible. It sounds to me like your horses have done the same for you.

    1. Thanks for visiting, and sharing your experience of Boo. We love that here.
      😉 TLH tradition is to offer all people brave enough to comment a donut.
      So, let’s see, it looks like Kerry had the box last, she’ll be passing it along. We’re big on donuts, chat, and horses. I don’t think I ate all of the donuts with sprinkles?

  2. I am glad there are so many unexperienced horse owners out there giving it a go. I think it is truly rewarding, because all we have to offer is love. And that is the strongest, most important ingredient.

  3. Love that story. Wish they all had such happy endings. Spooky must be one of the special ones! A lot of people would give us, but some of us… you could call us crazy, we just don’t give up. Once you find that kind of truth and love, you will fight anything for it.

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