Falling in Love With Our Horses: The Second Valentine Post

The nice thing about valentines: there’s no such thing as giving, or getting, too many.

Shannon and Spider’s story at A Work In Progress.  Like many of the memories I’m reading, it makes me teary and happy.  Beautiful.

Check out Erik’s story, one very special horse, at Grey Horse Matters.

Sandy’s story was too good to leave in the comments section:

When I bought my horse, Big, I had been looking for nine months — online, all over Ohio and even in neighboring states. I’d been methodical and careful, taking pix and videos, consulting with my trainer, riding only the best prospects.

Then my sister-in-law in Massachusetts emailed me a link to a Perch TBX for sale near where she lived. She went and looked at him, called me and told me to get on a plane to look at this horse. I did and it was love at first sight. I bought him on the spot, no videos, no consultations…my only concession to good sense being a pre-purchase exam, which he passed.

After I got him home to Ohio, it took awhile for us to really connect. It wasn’t an easy transition for him because he’d had the same owner for nine years before I bought him. But we learned to trust each other. I’d owned Big three months when my husband and I went off for a one-week vacation. I couldn’t wait to get home and back to the barn. As I opened the barn door, Big’s big head came popping out over his stall guard and he stretched his neck toward me. I gave him a scratch on the chin. Helen, one of the stable hands, came over and said, “We’re all so glad you’re back, especially Big. He was looking for you all week,” she said. “Every time someone walked in that barn door, he’d poke his head out to see if it was you.” Now he even recognizes my car and will come running over to the fence when I pull into the driveway. He’s a forever horse.

Thank you again for opening your hearts and sharing your horse love with  us.  It’s a gift. In a crazy world full of unpredictable and scary things, sharing these moments of sweetness are pure treasure.

Update: It turns out I am completely unoriginal.  (Nope.  Not surprised.) For more horsey goodness, Barnmice has called for Why I Love my Horse Valentine’s submissions. Click here to read.

7 thoughts on “Falling in Love With Our Horses: The Second Valentine Post

  1. Aww, thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I know I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s stories. There is just something about horses that touches our soul.

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