For Valentine’s Day,Tell Us Why You Fell In Love With Your Horse

Sometimes it’s instant. Sometimes we feel nothing right away, and a horse begins to unfurl in our hearts, and suddenly we realize we know every line, recognize a singular vocalization, feel that jolt of connection.

Many of us have had the privilege of loving and being connected to more than one horse.

For Valentine’s day, I’d love to hear your experiences with horse-love.  When did you know?  What set off that “we’re connected” feeling?

Feel like sharing your stories?  I’d love to put them in a blog post (attributed to you, or anonymous).

Send your story to!

If that’s too complicated, there’s always the comments section.

Happy Valentines Day!

I’m going to go hug Hudson.  And Barbie.  And Sunshine.  And Ruby.  And Dinero.

I’m a lucky woman.

14 thoughts on “For Valentine’s Day,Tell Us Why You Fell In Love With Your Horse

  1. Sorry, just a *little* late to the game (started reading from the oldest post forwards…) but my horse is a godsend, and that is why i love him. He lets me make mistakes and is very forgiving, he is honest in everything he does, whether it be jumping a course or experimenting with dressage. He puts up with a lot, but he isn’t afraid to say “listen up you lump, i have done my job 100x more than i could have. Time for YOU to figure out whats going on.” and when he knows i’m trying, he accepts that and gives it his all also. To be honest, i HATED him (and i dont hate many horses…) at first, but through three years and a long twisted road, i’m so thankful to call him mine.

  2. Excellent idea! I hope your idea catches on and goes viral in the horse blogging world. I’d love to read all the stories and I’ll post my horse love story on Valentines Day.

  3. When I bought my horse, Big, I had been looking for nine months — online, all over Ohio and even in neighboring states. I’d been methodical and careful, taking pix and videos, consulting with my trainer, riding only the best prospects. Then my sister-in-law in Massachusetts emailed me a link to a Perch TBX for sale near where she lived. She went and looked at him, called me and told me to get on a plane to look at this horse. I did and it was love at first sight. I bought him on the spot, no videos, no consultations…my only concession to good sense being a pre-purchase exam, which he passed. After I got him home to Ohio, it took awhile for us to really connect. It wasn’t an easy transition for him because he’d had the same owner for nine years before I bought him. But we learned to trust each other. I’d owned Big three months when my husband and I went off for a one-week vacation. I couldn’t wait to get home and back to the barn. As I opened the barn door, Big’s big head came popping out over his stall guard and he stretched his neck toward me. I gave him a scratch on the chin. Helen, one of the stable hands, came over and said, “We’re all so glad you’re back, especially Big. He was looking for you all week,” she said. “Every time someone walked in that barn door, he’d poke his head out to see if it was you.” Now he even recognizes my car and will come running over to the fence when I pull into the driveway. He’s a forever horse. 🙂

  4. Man, I love those hearts!

    I think you have inspired me to write something I’ve been thinking about lately. I love my horse and I’m really proud of her, and me, for learning to work together and be a team and all that crap. I didn’t love her when I got her, not like I loved my gelding Champ, but somehow in the last two years I have fallen fiercely in love with her. She rules. We are not second-class citizens, although I’ve felt like that for many reasons over the years. We are awesome.

    I’ll link you when I get it up.

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