Four Things I Didn’t Know Until I Was Handed a Camera

Dragons still roam the skies

Size is a matter of how big you believe you are

A heart can be made of stone (and be all the more exquisite for the life it nurtures)

Driftwood might wash up, or it might swim off: hard to know


Usually, all you gotta do is ask permission to use photos, but if it’s not clear: © Jane Clancy

8 thoughts on “Four Things I Didn’t Know Until I Was Handed a Camera

  1. Hi jane, this is totally OT, but since your blog is my favorite of all, and I can’t figure out how To get back to the start of it. I desperately need the belly laughs! You sre the greatest writer out there and I hope someday you’ll put a book on Mr Chips together. The ‘archives’ only go to Oct 2010! How do I get back to the beginning please? Thanks Jane!

    1. Oh be still my inflating ego! 😉
      (It’s okay, I have a couple of hat pins handy – and if I lose mine, everyone around me has them by the gross.)
      Gee, I didn’t know there was an archive limit. I’ll look into it and see I can fix that! I feel I must warn you, I had zero idea what I was doing in the beginning, and we were often looking at stream of consciousness on paper. Not pretty. I still have zero idea what I’m doing, but at least now we have friends, and donut parties, and fun things to talk about!

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