California is Not Getting Slammed With Snow: You Hate Or Love This

Daisy sent me this photo.  She’s looking out of her office window in downtown San Francisco this morning, as the sun rises.  Yes, that’s the Transamerica pyramid.

There’s a walnut tree in front of my office.

I realize posting a picture of sunshine, when two-thirds of the country is ambushed by blizzards, is risky: it’s is a bit like a fashion model saying: don’t hate me because I’m pretty.  That makes us want to slug her.  We were totally fine until those words came of her mouth. Sorry, we can handle you being pretty, but shut up, okay?

Global warming?  Real.  This is northern California. (Nothing like Hollywood.)  We should be drowning in rain, maybe a little dusting of snow.  Our only weather complication?  Day to night carries a 40 degree temperature swing.  70 was the high, 30 the low.  Not good for the horses.

I’m hauling my weed whacker to the barn.  I need to trim the green green grass outside Hudson’s paddock. He stuck his foot through the fence to get a better angle on the green green grass, and tried to pull himself out.  Again. I’m mystified.  How does he know instantly when the hot wire goes down? He’s lame: yanked his shoulder.  Luckily, it’s not serious. A tweaked muscle.

We’re perfect for each other. Both masters of The Eating Accident. I’m thinking of starting a horse-inclusive self-help group: Eating Accident Survivors Anonymous.  Hi, my name is Jane, and I can’t eat without hurting myself…and this is my horse, Hudson, who has the same problem.

I thought of all of you yesterday, who were packed in cold white stuff, as I guiltily peeled off my cotton hoodie, because I was…sweating.  I rode in a t-shirt and breeches.  I know! It’s ridiculous.  Great, but ridiculous.  Does it help that I felt guilty?

I enjoyed it for you.  The sun was warm on your back, the air was soft on your arms, your horse was happy and frisky.  You could smell the dark comforting scent of leather, and the spicy scent of horse.  You could smell the sharp green of the grass, and the bright duskiness of the sand.  Your sky was so blue it felt like it echoed back into itself forever. It was a rare summer day, in February.

BTW,  you had a GREAT ride.

I wish you warmth!

11 thoughts on “California is Not Getting Slammed With Snow: You Hate Or Love This

  1. As I live in northern California I DEFINITLY feel blessed to have sunshine right now! I’m enjoying it and not taking it for granted. I would prefer to live where there is not snow. It’s not the snow I have a problem with….its’ the inevitable mud that comes after!

  2. teehehehe.. then you might appreciate what I did.

    Last year, my friends all uploaded their photos from the DC snowstorm that shut the government down for a week onto Facebook. Jealous, I returned favor by uploading a photo of a sunset on a beach-side restaurant in Bali.

    This year, a friend lamented that she “really needs to head to some place tropical, that requires as little clothing as possible!! None of these layers or bundling up necessary just to go outside!!” And I replied with a “The dust, the pollution, the ugly knobby 60+ year old legs sticking out of ugly shorts, the too tight skirts that don’t quite cover the 20 year old crotches. ugh. yeah. Need cold temps to get these people to cover up.”

  3. I’m a thinkin’ my goofy, silly, free-association about weather was a bad idea. I don’t think it came out right. Especially if you’re the one shoveling the snow that’s been packed into rock hard cement by the snow plow.

    HNX, I didn’t learn! ::sob::
    I’m battening the hatches even as I type. Send the waders. I’ll send chocolate chip cookies.

  4. Oh, Jane.

    I am sending you boats and umbrellas and rain gear and emergency generators. I’ll pack some MREs, too. They aren’t very edible, but the good news is, by the time you get them open, you’re too tired to eat anyway.

    You cannot post things like this. Didn’t you learn from my mistake?

    Do you think I should add hip waders?

  5. As a confirmed and vocal snow HATER HATER HATER, I have been enjoying 70 degrees and sun today in NC too! I like having four seasons, but I’d prefer if one season in particular (that starts with “w” and ends with “inter”) be as innocuous as possible.

    Psssst, we call it “climate change” now. *science nerd signing off*

  6. That’s a good photo, but you could have taken it any day of the year, and barring fog, it would look exactly the same. Boring! I moved out of California 28 years ago, and have never missed it. I love Virginia. ———–Marge

    1. Whoops! Caught in an unconscious assumption: I prefer not to live in snow, and I love everything to stay the same, therefore everyone prefers not to live in snow and everyone loves everything to stay the same. My bad, for sure!

      Mea Culpa. *embarrassed*

      I’ve heard Virginia is gorgeous. What is your favorite thing about living there?

      1. I will give you my answer (unasked for, of course!) since I just moved from Virginia to Colorado last year. Virginia is for Horses! Rolling hills, green grass, TREES, open spaces, mountain vistas, four seasons, and lots of other horsey people around. Nothing like taking a Sunday drive (or ride!) around the countryside and seeing farm after farm after farm of really fantastic quality horses dotting the landscape. Horsey (and wine!) heaven!

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