Five Things I Didn’t Know Until I Was Handed A Camera

We make spaceships out of dirt

Life can thrive in boiling water

There are places where the earth is covered in fur

Hills and valleys, even mountains, can be liquid

There are rocks in our sky at night

Usually, all you gotta do is ask permission to use photos, but if it’s not clear: © Jane Clancy

9 thoughts on “Five Things I Didn’t Know Until I Was Handed A Camera

  1. Hi there!
    Great pictures! The one of the windowed mound of dirt is awesome. Only in San Francisco… *Sigh* You are lucky to have traveled to such fascinating places. I am new to reading your blog, but I believe that you and I have crossed paths over at Confessions of a Struggling Dressage rider. Not to make a spectacle of your sexuality, but good for you for being proud of who you are! I completely support gay rights (because you ARE a legal citizen, and ARE a human, and to be treated otherwise is NOT separation of church and state…*twitches* Grumblegrumblegrumble conservativemalarkey self-righteousevangelism).

    1. CSDR, one of my favorite blogs! All people brave enough to comment get a warm welcome and a fresh donut of choice, looks like Lisa has the box, she’ll be passing it over. 🙂 Okay, anyone who wants one gets a fresh donut. We’re all about the donuts here.

      Thanks for the support on equal rights. It seems like a no-brainer to me, but then, when my aunt and uncle married in the 1960’s it was illegal, b/c they were of different racial backgrounds. The law was on the books, but not enforced. Thankfully. (I really like my aunt and uncle!)

      1. I love the shots, too!

        And as for this – seriously, I only hope someday I can find the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. The only reason I’d have a problem with someone finding that person for themselves, regardless of gender, is out of jealousy. So is that why there are so many people with problems?

        (Actually, I tend to think it is. A happy person has better things to do than try to delegitimize someone else’s love and happiness. If they instead worked on putting more love out into the world, they’d be happier instead of angry. It’s not rocket science!)

        1. I hope you find Mr. Perfect For The Rest of Your Life. Everyone should have that chance at happiness (and it’s accompanying partner that we try to ignore: distress). Love is wonderful, painful, joyous, contradictory, messy and occasionally brings home Chinese food. 😉

          I agree with you: the more love in the world, the better!

    1. I wish I could say something informative and helpful, but I’m still in the Dumb Luck stage of learning photography. I used the landscape setting on my camera, focused on the hills, then raised the camera to shoot the moon.

      The sun hadn’t gone behind the mountain yet, but other hills cast a shadow, leaving the sky and hillside still brightly lit, while the valley was fairly dark.

      It helps that there was a row of bleached, once-burned tree trunks on the hillside sticking up, reflecting the light.

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