Git Along, Little Doggies: Cattle Drive

From the shouts, bellowing, mooing and general commotion, it sounds like the cows are being driven in from the right side of the property.  The riders turned off to the right through the gate, going out.  I kept staring in that direction, looking for cows.

The fog lifts momentarily, and I see…a  yellow tractor.  No cattle.  Huh.

I’d been keeping my eye on a far away hilltop on the left.  Some cattle were nicely silhouetted on the very top of the hill against the lightening sky.  I am waiting for the moment when the light volume turns up enough to make the silhouettes pop.  That might be a nice picture.

I check the far away left hill-top again.  Ugh.  Foggy, gray, uninteresting.

Waiting for “the moment” is the sucky part of photography.  It’s easy to miss when you have the attention span of a single cell organism.

I accidentally shoot my toe in a clump of grass and throw in a blurry shot of barbed wire.  Great. Jane: Photographer.  I check the mountain top again.  I know!  I’ll shoot the mud.  I wait.

I can vaguely make out a horse and rider on top of the above mountain, and I wonder if it’s still the same ranch, or a different one.  The group definitely turned right, not left, at the bottom of the hill.

I click.  The light has upped to a sepia tone.  I like the itty bitty horse.  Bonus, when I get home, I realize it’s Hudson and Alice!

The bellowing is getting closer, and the human shouts clearer.  I think I hear “H” noises. Like hit hit hit, hey hey hey, and hup hup hup. This makes me think of little league and kids behind home plate calling out: “HEYYYYYY  Batter batter batter…heyyyyy batter batter batter!

Figures are appearing and disappearing in the patchy fog.

This where 20 pictures are worth 20,000 words:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s still more!  Tomorrow….

8 thoughts on “Git Along, Little Doggies: Cattle Drive

  1. I really like the silhouette photo! You can see the little “doggie” jumping out, and Hudson’s posture just says “I can get ’em! Let me get ’em!”
    I was looking for the heart=butt, too…

    “Keep movin’, movin’, movin’
    Though they’re disapprovin’
    Keep them dogies movin’
    “Don’t try to understand ’em
    Just rope, throw, and brand ’em
    Soon we’ll be living high and wide.
    My hearts calculatin’
    My true love will be waitin’,
    Be waitin’ at the end of my ride.

    “Move ’em on, head ’em up
    Head ’em up, move ’em on
    Move ’em on, head ’em up
    Count ’em out, ride ’em in,
    Ride ’em in, count ’em out,
    Count ’em out, ride ’em in

    1. I used to fight my brothers to watch that show. Dating self again. Oh well. Alice had her hands full for sure. I accidentally ended up dogging a cow (cutting) when I tried to ‘walk’ a steer back to the stripping chute during (my visiting) roping practice. He must have been going nuts with cows cows everywhere, and being asked to play nice and walk ’em.

  2. SO beautiful…. The hills… the cows… The mist… Hudson totally in his element and looking like one of those gorgeous horses in old-time Westerns. Could have fooled me that Jane isn’t a professional photographer. These shots are absolutely amazing. Love them.

    Probably best that I don’t get to do things like this. I would have distracted everyone by singing, “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Moooooo-ing,” over and over again.

    1. We may be related after all. I would totally sing “The Sound of Mooing” on a cattle drive. It would be horrible. The cows would start running (quiet walking in is the preferred method) and fellow riders would a) if they know me: die of embarrassment or b) kill me for spooking the cows!

      You know we’re all going to come up with Moo songs now. Calling for cattle drive songs! Whatcha all got?

    1. How funny! The only photo you can see a heart in is the very last one, where the cattle are all penned, and the riders are mounted just outside the gate. Hudson is on the left. Alice is wearing a black jacket, and there’s a heart on his right butt cheek!

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