Where Would Jane Go?

Today, if it’s not raining, Jane is going to go photograph part of a cattle drive.

Short post today!  This is good, given the likelihood your brain exploded before you managed to get to the end of yesterday’s post.

Prompt for the day: if I had a time machine, and could only spend one hour wherever I chose, where would I go?

Easy.  It’s a time machine!   Who hasn’t practiced answering that one since birth? I’d take a nano second to zip to grandma’s, pick her up, stop for Dad, and then all of us would spend the next 59.99 minutes with Mr. Chips and Roz.

Where would YOU go?

7 thoughts on “Where Would Jane Go?

  1. I’d take Fiddle with me, so she could meet Story when Story was the Queen…and hopefully, Story would Impart Wisdom upon Fee. Cuz, hell, if a Time Machine works, it could happen that Gigantor would listen to Wisdom too, right?

  2. Executive decision: It’s a Time Machine, so why don’t we fuss with the dials? Make time stretch, things that were consecutive overlap, spend a year there when it was only an hour at home! 😉

    Cattle drive: AWESOME can’t wait to show/tell about it.

  3. I need more time. I would love to see my horses again and all my cats again. And then my late husband who was mine for only 2 1/2 years. I want to see them all again. I don’t know if there is a Rainbow Bridge and life after death and I miss them all.

  4. I think I’d have to divide the time equally to love on all of my favorite horses from my childhood: Showy, Puzzle, Classic, Teddy, Suki, Chelsea, Apollo, and Eddie. I miss them all so much, and would love just a few more minutes to kiss their velvet noses and listen to them crunch on mints, smell their sweet horsey smell, and stare into their beautiful eyes. Let’s see, I think that gives a little over 7 minutes per horse? Totally worth it.

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