And to All an Excellent Night!

Usually, if you have kids, there’s the one present that makes you cry. It hits that hidden zing place deep in our hearts.  Our kids have figured this out, and vie for the Heavyweight Cry Present Championship.   It’s hilarious.  Once we stop crying.

This year, in a shocking upset, Shaun managed an underdog coup:

It actually said on the glass makers tag: Palomino Shetland pony.  Sniffle.  Sniff.

I may never take the tree down.

I was able to get on and off Hudson without incident, and stay securely onboard for the time between the two.  I may need to get some PT for the leg.  That’s okay.  It went fine!

It’s likely to be quiet on TLH for another week.  Shaun is picking Great Grandpa up at the airport, and I will be doing a lot of cooking.  (Not followed by any telltale bings).

Chocolate cream pie, check.  Not as hard as I thought.

Ham, check.

Cookies, oh drat!

Where’s my coat?  Do we have chocolate chips??


(I hope your holidays were lovely, full of everything you could wish!)

5 thoughts on “And to All an Excellent Night!

  1. That is the best xmas ornament ever!! So pretty. Sorry to hear you busted something–your leg? Sounds like it is getting better? Hope so. Happy New Year and Get Well too.

    1. Nothing busted (knocking on head, which, apparently, is made of wood). I caught a kick on my thigh. All better now! Hudson is going to be carting me around in no time. 😉

  2. I haven’t been by here in awhile – it’s that crazy way I click through blogs, and if I get off at all, I miss my regular stops and then get off the track completely. But I wanted to check in and see what’s up – and oh, dear, I’m just in time for the gorgeous ornament!

    Hope all is well. I need to read back and catch up now. 🙂

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