Hair Today…

Our Holiday Horse Parade goes visiting today!  Go see Aarene at Haiku Farm for the full joy of the season.

Hair today and gone…maybe next Tuesday?  Please?  Hang on, let me clean my glasses.  Whew, glad it wasn’t hair on the screen.  I am SO itchy.

We body clipped.  Bella clipped Dinero, and Alice and I traded off clipping Hudson: in my case to learn to clip, and in Alice’s case, to practice.

Bella showed me how to adjust my massive 900 lb Heineger body clippers (gift from a friend who swore she was never, ever, clipping a horse again), how much pressure to apply, and other details.  Once I got “it’s like waxing, you have to stretch the skin”, I did better swaths.  Hudson didn’t move a hoof.  I did three nice long swaths up his neck before my body clippers went: chunka chunka chunka.  I fervently hoped I was doing something wrong.  (My mid-size clippers died a permanant death last week.)

I handed them over to Bella: she shook her head, and turned them off.

Great.  I now have a partially bald horse, and 2 dead clippers.  The remaining pair would be appropriate for body clipping an elderly hamster.  Note clipper size in relation to the AA battery pictured:

I open my mouth to wail. Before any sound can come out, Bella hands me her second pair of body clippers, and her second pair of medium size clippers.  Note to self: try to keep awe in control, and file “backups are good” in brain.

I brought a heart cookie cutter.  While I was clipping my half, his left side, Alice used the cookie cutter as a template. She sprayed Furicin inside the heart.  All of us were onboard with the Appy blanket.

Except Hudson, that is:

Close up of the cute little hearts:

I failed to consider they would turn us yellow.   Primarily because I couldn’t seem to stay away from them.  It got on the clipper cord, our hands, our clothes, the blade, our skin. We were officially pollinated.  Bonus! We were pre-doctored for any accidental nicks. It worked great for tracing around the saddle pad. And had Bella been in charge of the hearts, instead of moi, it might have worked great for those too. (“Spray it really thick, Alice, that way it’ll be super clear.”)

The cookie cutter that looked large in the store shrank on his butt. Hard to clip.  Even I could see that.  Add in my magnetic attraction to the Furicin, and we have Schmear.

Those yellow diamonds  used to be hearts.  Not even remotely attractive.  Note the yellowish cast to his butt.  It’s not the lighting.

(Remember the concentric lines that look like old scars.  They’re clip lines.  We’re going to use them as a visual aid a little farther down.)

Bella suggested I announce this on the blog:

The difference between a bad clip job and a good clip job is about two weeks.

Every now and then, Bella came over to check in, and handle any issues that stumped us. I’d never considered that a gelding’s, uh, sheath also grew a winter coat, and might need at least a trim.  Clipping with your eyes closed isn’t smart around sensitive areas. Near the back legs.  I cowgirled up, and very warily trimmed.

Bella stepped back and eyeballed where I’d trimmed in the saddle pad.  She held out her hand, Alice plopped the clippers in, and Bella finished clipping the line for the saddle pad on his hairy side.  One smooth, long sweep, and she’s done.  Awe control to grooming station #2 please.

Alice, below, working on  Hudson’s neck.

On another progress check, (her checks were getting closer together) she studied the weird yellowish diamonds on my half, then looked at the untrimmed-out hearts on Alice’s  half.

“I know.  They’re too small”, I said, “oh well.”  I tried not to look disappointed.

She picked up the clippers.  In nothing flat:  hearts.


This is the horse that says he does not like dressage.  Especially the trot work.  Then he does this on his own. For fun. He’s either contrite or tormenting me.

Remember the scar clip lines in our visual aid?  Bella clipped Dinero while checking on us every 5 minutes.  45 minutes later she was done, and he looked like this:

A very hairy time was had by all.  Hairy Christmas!

The boys hanging out:

13 thoughts on “Hair Today…

  1. Hudson’s hearts are adorable and his clip is awesome looking. What a handsome guy! And congratulations to you for doing a great job. Love the $ sign too.

    Wishing you and yours a healthy Happy New Year with lots of saddle time in 2011!

  2. I vote for the hearts. Okay, Freedom is about due for his second clip job. I’m going to have to be more creative. I wholeheartedly embrace the statement that two weeks solves a lot of problems. We clip all the animals in our house. Our favorite is giving my daughter’s rag doll a lion clip. She feels like velvet when we’re done! Freedom’s trace clip is positively boring.

  3. I love the hearts! They’re fun & tasteful. I definitely got mixed reviews when I roached my TB’s mane. I don’t care, I love it! It’s helping him embrace his rockstar side 🙂 Maybe this will help Hudson embrace his softer side.

    I scrolled down to the trot pic & my jaw dropped. Wowza Hudson!!!!!!!!!

    1. Personally I don’t see the threat in clipping your horse in some fashion or roaching, etc. It’s not like I’m sneaking into a neighbors stall and leaving them with a horse covered in Zebra stripes. Despite my teasing, Hudson can’t tell he has hearts on his butt, instead of a more manly backhoe or John Deere cap.

      I know, the trot pic is classic. He will do this under saddle if I ask, but telegraphs his distaste. I think he’s laughing at me: “I know! I’ll do this for FUN!”

  4. Oh my gosh, that is so adorable. I have never seen a heart on anything taller than 12hh. Hudson must be mortified. Imagine if he knew that people were calling him adorable! That trotting picture is beautiful by the way. (Yes, he’s torturing you.)

    1. I hate to admit it, but you’re right, he’s torturing me. And…okay, I don’t blame him. I’ll get over being ten years old with a new big pony soon. I think.

      I LOVE the hearts. 😉

      From responses I’ve received at the barn, I’m guessing we’ll be just as divided here, in our liking (or not) of clipped in patterns, and what constitutes a tasteful design.

      It’s always more interesting if we have many opinions, so don’t be afraid to comment folks!

  5. I saw a horse at the carriage parade with a heart on his butt and thought about your plans …and wondered…
    Thanks for posting the process – and the results are beautiful!
    Hudson and Dinero look great together!

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