Holiday Horse Kick Off, and We Contemplate Body Clipping

TLH Annual Holiday Horses Parade!

With thanks to Cyndi from Living a Dream:

I’ll post ’em as they come in!

I bought a sparkly snowflake headband for Hudson (whoohahaha), as soon as it stops raining, he’s going to don it merry and bright.

Body Clipping

Alice and I are going to take body clipping lessons from Bella on Sunday.  Dinero and Hudson are going to get a trace clipped.  Alice and I are going to share clipping duty on Hudson.  It should be a blast, uneven, and very tiring.  All in all, totally fun.

I tried to explain clipping a horse to Shaun.  “Imagine clipping a car”, I said, trying to get across the enormity of a clip job.  “Now imagine clipping a car that’s chatty, hungry, bored, antsy, has an itchy fender, and is certain you have food. That’s ‘body clipping’ in a nutshell.”

Bella offered to clip a design on him, if I drew one.

I’m still in revenge mode (for the kick).

“How about a heart on his butt?”, I said.  Hudson is not a heart kind of guy.  He’d be so embarrassed. Bella laughed, and said, “Sure!  You draw it, I’ll clip it.”

That seemed more than enough, until Alice sent me this photo:

This made the little heart feel…insignificant.  I was awestruck by an idea.

I could turn Hudson into an Appaloosa with a full blanket of hearts on his butt.

The cattle drive is next week.  He’d have to be around all those macho roping horses with a butt full of hearts.  I’d never have to worry about getting kicked again. Ever.

His last clipped-in decoration was a lightening bolt.  Very manly.

I went to the craft store looking for a heart template.  What big-box craft store doesn’t have a template of hearts for little girls?  This one, apparently.

No way am I going to ask Bella to mow a blanket of hearts into his butt.   If at all possible though, I will.  I don’t care how many days it takes.  The tricky part will be the clippers.  I have massive body clippers that weigh more than my dog, and at the extreme opposite end, the teensy little AA-battery operated whisker clippers, with a 1″ head.  My ordinary clippers bit the dust.

We’re clipping on Sunday, so if I spend tomorrow painting hearts on his butt (with horse body glitter) we should be in great shape to try…?

Trust me, you’ll know if it works!


12 thoughts on “Holiday Horse Kick Off, and We Contemplate Body Clipping

  1. Hahaha, I don’t know how I missed this post until now. Please tell me you did not subject Hudson to a blanket of hearts on his butt. 🙂 It would either guarantee that you’d never get kicked again, or put you in danger whenever you were in range….

  2. Oh, thanks for posting the boys on your blog. I’ve always loved this shot and have wondered just what they were talking about amongst themselves!

    I love the clip job – hmmm, someone could start a trend and make a lot of money in horse designs!

    I wonder what the horse thinks?!

  3. #1 rule of body clipping: The cleaner the horse, the better the clip. We’re talking deep down squeaky clean skin scrub, here. The horse will NOT enjoy this part — however, it makes the clipping itself go so smoothly! And it’s very important for pretty designs … 😀

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