A Bit O Scenery

One of the few TV shows we can all agree on, at least for 20 minutes, is House Hunters International.  It’s cool to ‘visit’ other countries, and great for the kids to see how other people live via what’s available in the houses for how much money.  It also often underscores the stereotype of the Ugly American, a useful educational tool in manners.

It hit me the other day that (leaving out the whole tropical island thing) our family ‘pretend’ choses countries/areas that have exactly what we already have: the south of France, Italy, Greece, etc.  One of our blog friends asked recently, after seeing a picture posted of the nearby hills: does it really look like that?

It reminded me that I’m lucky.

Add in more vineyards, olive groves, cows, milk goats, lavender farms, orchards, and a few picturesque old barns.  There’s also the odd Llama here and there.

On the way to the barn the other day, I stopped and took pictures.  This is some of what I see on my everyday drive.  It’s pouring now. I’m glad I took these earlier in the week…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s on your barn drive?  (Or around your barn!)



4 thoughts on “A Bit O Scenery

  1. My horse is about 50 yards from my door, but in the background is an incredible vista of the Rockies! Living here is like a post card every day: mountains and blue skies and horses. I love Colorado!

  2. What a great question! As a fellow “WordPresser” I’m curious…do you have to upgrade to be able to put a slideshow like that on your blog? I really like that.
    The Texas hill country has so many squatty trees. Of course, some are taller and more majestic but on the whole, they are a shorter tree. Our fall wildflowers are in full bloom now. Lots of gold, white and purples. Trees are just starting to change. I live 100 yards from my barn. I love that I can hear the horses all talking to each other in the morning and afternoon when the men come to feed. I really like reading about your horse life. Thanks for the time it takes to put these together.

  3. Wow. The part of NJ where I live is very pretty (I drive through woods, past horse farms, hay fields, corn fields, quaint country stores) but your pictures look like something out of a movie! SO beautiful, thanks for sharing. I am now seriously questioning why I don’t live there.

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