Why We Have No Real Pictures of Hudson


I’m usually the one taking pictures of other people and their horses.  I thought I’d follow Hudson around like I have Barbie, Tiny, True, Ruby, any of my ‘herd’.

Problem.  We are looking at this situation through completely different lenses.

I feel like I’m following Hudson around out of love, and want to photograph my beloved.

Hudson feels like he’s acquired a stalker.

I get grumpy lips and reversed ears before, say, he walks off (at an unflattering angle) straight into the sun.  I think I walked a mile around his paddock trying to get one good candid shot of him.

Dinero, on the other hand, must have a portfolio on file at the Ford Agency.  He posed artfully into the breeze, his flaxen mane gently lifting, his eyes looking off into the distance, his noble head held high.

Dinero was like Donkey from Shrek.  He followed me all around the paddock, saying “Pick ME, pick ME!!”   Hudson stomped off. I trudged after Hudson. Dinero trotted lightly after me, keeping a respectful posing distance.

If I looked at Dinero, he’d freeze in a superior photogenic position, angling so the sun hit his mane just right, making him glow.  I stubbornly kept following Hudson, hitting the shutter.  I have 1,987 photos of his butt.  His butt going uphill.  His butt going downhill. His butt swinging to block my view of his face, his butt swinging to block my view of his body.  True, he does have a really good butt.  However, I would like a nice picture of his face, ears expressing happiness, not disdain.

A whole body shot would be nice too.

I need an assistant.

Hmmm.  Bella is away, Alice has a slipped disc (OW), Shaun is in major recovery, Molly has five horses to take care of, Daisy is still unpacking…oh wait.  Didn’t she say she’d finished?  If I route our trip around a McDonalds, it might qualify as a Road Trip and therefore be enticing. (?)

Oh Daisy….

I did get this one with my phone, he looks 20 feet long and slightly distorted, but it sort of looks like him!

11 thoughts on “Why We Have No Real Pictures of Hudson

  1. Hahaha. I can so picture this. I had the same problem trying to capture the growing stages of Tucker’s youth as he alternately wandered away from me and wandered toward me assuming I had no purpose in his field other than cuddling. I have an entire zip drive full of his little yearling tail swishing away from me or super blurry close ups of his tiny baby nose. I managed to get exactly 6 decent photos of him that entire year, and they are all framed. Why don’t they cooperate? The one you did get is very pretty though. Such a beautiful color! And that tail… I am green with tail envy!

    1. Oooo…I have tail tips, but he came with this one. It’s difficult to resist brushing it out daily. Okay. Now you have to put up pictures (blurry or not) of Tucker’s witto nosie-wosie from his baby hood. I need the cuteness overload. 🙂

  2. Being a professional photographer, I can completely sympathize with this situation. Any time I have ever turned the lens at one of my own, everything goes down the toilet. No amount of me willing them to be still even for a second will change their determination to NOT be photographed. Recently, I made some beautiful portraits of a few of my instructor’s horses…and I was barely trying…it would have taken a whole team of people and hours of patience to get the same results with Kiki! Btw, your story about how you acquired Hudson is so touching!

      1. Jane! Thanks for the compliments! There’s actually a little trickery involved in making those pictures…step 1: place horse in a dark space (in my case it was the indoor), step 2: use available light to accentuate the horse’s best features, step 3-12: wrangle horse into a position of relative stillness while you frantically snap away, step 13: pat horse, give him a cookie, and thank him for the 3 minutes he stood there.

        1. I appreciate the tips SO much. I’m thrilled to have a way to try to get a better photo. Thank you, thank you. I tried yesterday. As it turns out, the only spot I could find at our (hilly) barn that would be dark with available light coming in to highlight is (drumroll)…the hay barn. We can all guess how successful I was there. 😉

          I’ll have to try again in the morning light, and scout the property more fully in the afternoon!

  3. Ooo, he’s such a cool colour in that pic! And he has a blaze like Solo’s, which of course, makes him awesome! He just needs to have some posing lessons from the ham. It never hurts to have someone running around behind you crinkling plastic bags and hurling treats about either…

    1. I love his color. He’s a true liver chestnut. (with chrome!) In the late afternoon sun he starts glowing a like a red bay through the liver color. Having owned my share of gray’s (as you all know, that means: greens, yellows, oranges and browns) I’m thrilled to have a low maintenance color that I love!

  4. Use your camera as a clicker training tool. Take treats. Take a picture, give a treat. Take a picture, give a treat. Be careful or soon you will be trying to shoo him away (so you can get a shot of something other than his nose) when you bring out the camera.

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