Prayers for Tiny

Or however you send your healing!

He’s on his way to U.C. Davis with an undiagnosed problem that is affecting his whole body.  Thank god for good friends like Bella, who drop everything on a Saturday to haul him.  We (and the vet) thought he’d re-sprained part of his neck again after his colic a couple of months ago.  It appears to be more systemic than that.

Send strength for Lily…

9 thoughts on “Prayers for Tiny

  1. No real news on Tiny. No diagnosis yet: he’s on the fence. They have him on oxygen and have given him a blood transfusion, but Lily says he looks good and has perked up a good deal…

    Thanks everyone, for all your well wishes. He’s a special, singular, and wonderful guy.

  2. Oh my goodness, the poor big sweet black horse! I am sending lots of love his way. I hope he’s not too worried about where he is and I hope he’s not in pain…. If rat poison is the easiest fix, then I guess I hope it’s that too…. Poor Tiny!!!!

  3. Lily and Bella are leaving Davis. Tiny is in the ICU on fluids and awaiting test results. 48 hours. So hard to wait that long.

    Except for the fact that there is blood in his abdomen (belly tap) he’s in great health. 😦 Here’s hoping he got into rat poison, and does not have a tumor on his spleen. Our barn has dog/cat proof rat traps, but who knows, a loose horse in the wrong place could step on one and break it. Warfarin (coumadin), a blood thinner, is the rat poison used in the traps. I never thought I’d hope it was poison, but that is recoverable.

  4. nonononononoNO!
    nothing can happen to Tiny. Not a moment’s more suffering.
    The universe will not allow it.
    I am wishing and hoping and (praying) that all will be well, and that he gets all the care and diagnostics he needs to make him better.
    Poor Tiny. Poor Lily. Poor YOU. Your family has seen way more than its fair sahre of stoopid these last few months.
    I declare it time for it all to stop.

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