Awry: We Will Be Boarding Momentarily

A quick update for all the wonderful well wishers, those who comment, and those who don’t: thank you.


Shaun is back in the hospital.  I haven’t slept for 48 hours.  The bad news is I’m holding the pretty end of the stick, the one with all the sparkles and rainbows.  Shaun is  holding the scary end of the stick: invisible, fragile, uncertain, painful.   She is no longer in the good hospital.  We had to rush her to the ER, which meant rushing to a lesser hospital.  “Hospital” might even be a stretch.

It’s scary to go into an emergency room and come out in much worse shape.  More scary to be admitted after the emergency room nearly kills you, then be ignored by the floor staff.  Jane had to tap dance and smile and be engaging when she wanted to strangle the incompetent morons.

If Shaun makes it through all this intact, I am SO going to kill her.  (After I cry and tell her how much I love her.)  She is very sick.

I distracted myself from impending hysteria by diagnosing people in adjacent curtained cubicles.  A triathlon runner who passed out, and is moaning through horrible muscle spasms.  ER staff doesn’t know what the underlying cause might be.  Helllloooo.  Tying up.  IV fluids, electrolytes, metabolic panel, and body temperature control.  STAT.  Orange juice is not going to cut it.

Baby with odd behavior, who wouldn’t stop crying.  He was swatting at the sides of his belly with his fists and screaming.  Easy. Colic.

Uncomfortable Man bent over then stretching out then bending over.  Looks just like that gelding with gall stones.

I may take Shaun to the vet.

It’s going to be awhile.  Great time to visit all the wonderful blogs on the list and on the (unfinished) Horse Bloggers page.

18 thoughts on “Awry: We Will Be Boarding Momentarily

  1. Oh no! I haven’t checked in for awhile and I had no idea that Shaun had taken a turn for the worse. I’m so glad she’s now home where it’s comfortable and she’s surrounded by the people who love her. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

  2. You guys are the best. Thank you all so much for all the support and energy! Shaun is out of the hospital and back home. It’s going to be a long recovery. Possibly a month? She’s not in pain at the moment. She’s exhausted, malnourished, and so low on potassium and magnesium it’s scary, but not in imminent danger.

    She still can’t eat anything beyond things like jello and popsicles. The effort now is to keep her out of the hospital, or be so ahead of any new developments that we have time to get to San Francisco if she needs to go back in.

    The kids have been amazing: Lee lee loves her up, and Micah keeps her laughing. I hover incessantly and drive her insane. Oh well. Two out of three isn’t bad. 😉

    I hope to be able to get in a real update soon. Thanks so much for hanging in there with us!

    1. Just checking in, wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and Shaun and the family. Glad to hear that Shaun is home and I truly hope that the worst is behind you now. Now for the selfish bit: I really really miss your posts, and I hope things calm down soon so you can start blogging again! But your hiaitus has given me time to the peruse the rest of the site, which not surprisingly turns out to be very funny. It has temporarily sustained me. Hope all is well with you today.

  3. Was just thinking of you and your girl and wanting to send positive vibes your way. I am sure you are far to busy for blog updates, but we are sending our best to you nonetheless and fervently hoping for a cheery “all’s well” soon!

  4. Missing your voices and very worried. Hope so much you got Shaun into a better hospital and that she is on the mend. Hope Jane is getting sleep.

  5. Jane: have been out of touch for a while with time to write posts of my own. but not much time to catch up with other blog-folks. I have no idea what’s going on with Shaun, only that it’s clearly not good — and I can’t imagine what I’d be doing if it were my wife in the hospital. At least a vizsla can get on your lap and lick your face in support… I have no idea about Christmas, but I’m pretty sure that’s out for any of the horses.

    In any case, all thoughts and prayers are with you and Shaun.


  6. Best wishes for Shaun, you, and the kids.

    (And stick to large animal vets. Have you seen the toys they have to play with?! Way cooler than anything small animal vets get.)

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