Shaun Steals the Wheel (or How Shaun Snuck into TLH!)

This is Shaun, I’ve been home…um…I think about 24 hours.  The hospital set me free: I have to name California Pacific Medical Center as the hospital that took care of me. They were amazing, and should  be lauded.  (BTW, Jane is standing over my shoulder reading as I type.  I am still on pain pills and she is  very afraid of what I may say.)

HA!  That worked.  She moved. I would be more afraid of me when I am off pain pills, but let’s let her have her delusions!

Thank you everyone for your kind words, they were wonderfully supportive.  For those of you who have not figured this out yet…Jane is really an awesome woman who I am in love with. (And I want Steve and Brian to back off now…)

I also want to thank the gang who hang with horses here in our county.  They were really fantastic to both of us.  One of them actually stayed and listened to me cry after the surgery.  Daisy was hilarious and kept me laughing even though she knew it would hurt. Hurting wasn’t important: the healing of laughter was.

Stuff Jane left out: one night I reached for something on the night table..[edited out by Jane because she’s going to post this event later and tease the crap out of Shaun].  One night I bombed her with a bag of phones (well maybe two), and told her to turn off the alarms I was really too tired to deal with my phones.  Or the night I begged her not to leave me. She snuck back in and slept with her head down by my feet (not all that appealing). Her feet were by my head in a backwards spoon, and the nurses only kicked her out 8 times before they gave up.  I know that she got about 12 minutes of sleep that night but I will never forget the love I felt.

In September we celebrate three anniversaries.

  1. First wedding: our first wedding celebration (which was huge). We decided we couldn’t wait any longer for “legalized marriage” so we got married in our church and celebrated.
  2. Second wedding: five years later we renewed our vows and got married again.
  3. Third wedding: we married during that tiny window when CA let us take our (legal) wedding vows, and we remain legally married.

There are many hilarious stories about these events, but as you can see I am not allowed to write guest columns.

[Note from Jane: Oh I don’t know, I like where this is going.  I have some love for the heroic flattery coming my way.  We may have Shaun guest column often?]

Thank you all, but most of all thank you Jane, I will never, ever forget the last 192 days  or the last 4,805 before that, I love you now and forever.

[Jane: Somebody hand me a hankie!!!]

12 thoughts on “Shaun Steals the Wheel (or How Shaun Snuck into TLH!)

  1. >sniff< I think I'm in love with Shaun now, too.

    Y'all totally need to have another wedding. This time, invite all of us. And our dogs. Now THAT will be a party!

  2. Welcome home Shaun! So glad the hospital thought you were well enough to kick you out!

    I was delighted to hear you and Jane spoon in the hospital bed too. Never heard of or noticed anyone else doing that. I was afraid my husband and I were the only mad love birds in hospital rooms. Your nurses should be given a wrist slap though – our nurses have never tried to kick me out of bed, they just give us the “funny look”.

    Best wishes for your continued speedy recovery!

    Jane – better make with the Shaun story you edited out pronto! Nosy readers want to know!

  3. Okay, now I feel seriously gypped. I’ve been married for 23 years and only have had one ceremony. In fact, for my last anniversary I got a card. That’s it. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I got that much. However, your post made me tear up.

    Glad to hear from Shaun and find her back at home. Please send the extra pain medicine to Boston as one of us is always feeling our age these days. And we’re getting seriously old.

  4. Totally have another! My Aunt and Uncle had a wedding and renewed their vows every 5 or 10 years with a huge party and all. Was so much fun. 🙂

    Glad you are out, on the mend, I’m thinking guest posts could be FUN. 😛 (with or without editorial comment!)

  5. Wow, that was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read. (Next time, a little warning please if I’m going to tear up at work….). I’m so glad to hear that the whole family is home. “TC” is going to be awfully busy keeping you amused while you recover.

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