Virtual Vacation: Mendocino, California

Shaun has a fist full of Elite Cards from companies in the travel industry.   Her job requires business travel, she gets to keep the points.  We wanted a mini vacation.  A Saturday/Sunday vacation.  Thanks to Hertz points, we rented this…

…for the whopping sum of $1.18. (For those outside the US, that’s less than one Euro.)

It had less than 100 miles on the odometer. We set out to fix that, and drove to Mendocino.

If the pictures look vaguely familiar, Hollywood filmed the TV series “Murder, She Wrote” (starring Angela Landsbury) here. This is, uh, ‘Cabot Cove’, located in ‘New England’.

If you’re expecting gorgeous men and women in minimal spandex, on warm beaches leaning against surfboards, you’ve been brainwashed by Hollywood (Baywatch) into thinking the entire coastline looks like southern California.  For the horsey, this is comparable to being unable to differentiate a donkey from a Clydesdale.  They’re both good, but very different.

My thrill of the day: there was rattlesnake grass everywhere, one of my favorite wild things.  You’ll recognize it when you see the photo!

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10 thoughts on “Virtual Vacation: Mendocino, California

  1. I love Mendocino and your pics are gorgeous. Next time you head up there, let me know before and I might be able to get you an “in” at the Inn (which is owned by my uncle). He’s well worth meeting (since I know you love to eat) as he is the most incredible cook ever. My brother and his wife go up there frequently and they are always sending me photos of goats roasting on spits and huge tables of delicious food.

    1. You may now refer to me as ‘Queen Jane’ and kiss the royal ring (as soon as I find one big enough!). That cracked me UP. I wondered if anyone would notice. 😉

      Our next virtual vacation will be at Goat Rock near Jenner by the Sea. We got a gold convertible this time! We watched the fledgling surfers at Salmon Creek beach, and the better-be-nearly-pro surfer at Blind Beach, and of course went out to the tip of Bodega Head, which I remember someone telling me was the westernmost point of land on the west coast. (Don’t know if it’s true…but it sure FEELS like you’re about to fall off a cliff way out into the pacific ocean.)

  2. Wow! Your pictures are absolutely stunning (as usual)! Thank you so much for sharing them with us, I really enjoyed them. They would make a beautiful calendar!

  3. “rattlesnake grass”…..AH! Gotcha.

    Hey, do everybody a favor and repeat this post in mid-February when we’re surrounded by grey and gloom. These photos will look even better to us then!

    1. Mendocino is an artist colony as well as a tourist B & B destination. The chair is sitting outside a shop, and plenty of people come sit in it. There’s also a “thinking man” bench that somehow didn’t make it into the slideshow. The house with all the totems and beautiful garden is a private residence, not a shop.

      The photo of the driftwood arched alley (Craig’s Alley) doesn’t do it justice. It’s wedged between two tall buildings, very difficult to get the depth perception in the photo, with the light being so odd. Craig (I talked to him) collects driftwood and makes fantastical archways, planters, and benches: it’s hard to read in the photo, but there are tropical flowers, people, birds, even a horse head in the series of arches (3) that go down the alley. He builds them, sells the entire “alley” and starts over again. I believe a winery bought this one, but hasn’t picked it up yet. Each arch is made in 3 pieces for easy transport and reassembly. Interesting guy!

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