The Chocolate Card

Forget Platinum, Gold, or the elusive “Black” card.

We’re rolling out the new Chocolate Elite card for readers of TLH.

Thanks to the stellar help and kindness of Stacey Kimmel-Smith from Behind the Bit, TLH now has a badge, with code, you can stick on your blog, Face Book page, or sport on your latest tattoo.

Because I’m a card-carrying member (Level: Troglodyte) from the paleolithic era of blogging, you’ll have to email me for the code to put on your site, blog, FB or tattoo.  I have no clue how to do that neato little box in the side bar that says “copy code”.

HorseBloggers is Stacey’s brainchild, her invitation post can be found here, with instructions and reasons to join.  There will soon be a HorseBloggers page on TLH for your reading and clicking pleasure.

BTW, the chocolate card is your free pass to all things sugar and horses.  Is there a better combo?  I think not.

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