Never Ask the Universe

You WILL be answered.

The universe is a helpful beast.  I think of it as a giant thing, with a filing cabinet full of twinkling stars. Ask ‘what next?’ and the universe will fall all over itself to let you know. Things it was saving to distribute over time are shoved to the front of the line.

Jane: Tiny’s colic was scary.  Shoot, it was a bad weekend.  Thank God (literally) he’s okay.  Should be smooth sailing from here.  What else could happen?

Universe: (Scratching its head and only registering the question) She wants to know? Okay, no problem.    Let me check the records…next six months we had planned…Oh. I see we had the colic already.  That was on schedule…what’s next?  Um-hm, okay…I see we have a lot planned this year.  Well, we’ll just move things along so she’ll know…

Doesn’t he look like a giant Shetland?

(First things first: ignore my thighs.  Oh yeah, I also don’t sit on him like that.  I’d just sat up from hugging him.  But the ignoring thighs are way more important than how I’m sitting.)

3 days after the colic, it’s clear he’s sprained his neck.  Probably from going up and down so much with the colic.  He’d sprained it severely last year, this is comparatively minimal, but problematic.  He needs to walk.   His neck needs to not move much.  Bute (Horse asprin, to the non-horsey) would help, but he just recovered from a weird colic. Bute upsets tummies.  Okay, no bute.  Colic needs trump sprain needs.

Yesterday, after icing his neck sprain, I started  hand walking him.  I got as far as the end of the lead rope. Tiny wouldn’t budge. I don’t want to yank on the lead: sprained neck. Huh. He’d happily walked out of his stall to get iced and checked out.

I wheedle.  “C’mon Tiny, you gotta move.  You don’t want to go through that again, right?”

Tiny takes two steps forward and I continue walking to the end of the lead rope.  I turn back.  I’d better cajole, since wheedling didn’t pan out.

Tiny looks back at his side.  Oh crap, please please please not another colic!  I listen to his gut.  Sounds like a freight train moving around in there.  I cajole.  Nothing.  I get stern and demanding.   “Move it, buster!”

Tiny sighs, and walks forward, I’m still looking at him.  He lifts up his right hind leg in an exaggerated position, and turns to stare at the leg.  Oh.  He was looking at his leg, not his tummy.

“Really?” I say.

Tiny puts his hoof down.  I ask him to walk forward again, this time fully facing him.  He takes two halting steps, and when he lifts the right hind leg, it nearly disappears into his stomach, and he won’t put it down.

Tiny has learned if he shows us which foot, we will make it feel better.    He won’t put the foot down until I make a show of examining the leg and hoof, and convince him I understand.  I drop the lead, go through the exam motions: crap, his hoof is hot.  I pick up a rock and tap it in random areas, starting where I’m sure he’s okay.  When it hits where I think the problem is, he groans.  The hoof sounds less resonant there as well. Dang. There is an abscess brewing in his hoof.

Poor horse.  Colic, sprained neck, now a painful abscess that isn’t opened.  And no bute.

That’s why TLH has been on musical hold this week.  I’ve missed you guys.  I’m hoping to get the abscess open and draining today.  Wish both of us luck.

We have a winner in the caption contest, to be posted tomorrow!

(Because I am not asking the Universe a dang thing, no matter what.)

17 thoughts on “Never Ask the Universe

  1. Oh No! TINY!!!!!!Oi am so sorry this is happening.
    All I can think is that if ever there was a time for TTouch intervention, it is NOW.
    (Sounds like an advertisement, doesn’t it? Sorry!)
    Neck, leg and hoof could benefit greatly from standard TTouch applications. You can do it while he’s soaking his frying pan hoof.
    Poor, beautiful baby. Poor Jane.

  2. OMG, I can not believe this happen to this beautiful creature. I will be certain to NEVER Ask the Universe a thing. Hope Tiny will be DONE with all the not so good stuffs and for now on only good things will happen.

    1. Hi Resa, He is doing so much better. Ice strapped to that big neck with a polo while soaking a hoof in hot water and getting a tummy rub. I’m getting teased about running a spa. Hot towels anyone? He’s 100% over the colic. He was bucking and galloping, despite the hoof abscess, but his neck is still sore poor guy.

  3. Whoops. Thighs look fine in that pic, because, uh, I accidentally (yeah that’s it, it was an accident!) cropped out my butt and got a lucky angle. I’m of the opinion no female over 12 ever looks like they have normal-sized thighs when sitting on a horse.

    Except you lucky hunt seat people, who just look strong and fantastic in two point.

    Unfortunately not bird boned, but delighted you had that impression. I will shower you with gifts, so get ready! Food and weight issues have been a life-long struggle. Up. Down. Up. Down. No wonder I hate roller coasters! For me less about looks than obsession with food.

    Did someone say cake?!

    The helmet is a Charles Owen: I think is the best and most comfortable helmet I’ve ever had on my head. All those vented helmets I bought, and still got sweat in my eyes. This one, no vents, and interestingly, no dripping sweat either.

    Tiny is doing great! Today will tell where he is on if I got the abscess all the way open. Turned him loose yesterday in the arena and he bucked and kicked and cantered around. So much for gentle hand walking.

    You guys are the bomb. Nice to know I can stress about Tiny and y’all totally get it!

    Cara thanks for the Prevocox mention. We use it on the geriatric crowd, our vet says it’s great for long term NSAID relief: easy on the stomach, and great for chronic problems, but not so great on immediate pain relief? He said it takes a few days for it to build up in the horse’s system for them to get the benefit of it, and they need to stay on it to maintain the benefit. We put my personal trainer on it. Really working for her arthritis. She’s cantering!

    Tiny is one in a million. 😉

  4. Aw, I love how Tiny shows you what is wrong. He is so sweet, and so smart. Fyi, I have had to force myself to not post the same thigh disclaimer whenever I post a picture of myself on my blog. Since I understand that objectivity is impossible when examining a photo that includes one’s own thighs, I can assure you that yours are just right, so small they could even be called quaint, and you’re demonstrating a textbook post-hug position.

  5. They always get everything all at once. He’s so freaking adorable, by the way. Pony faces on big horses are just too fabulous.

  6. Have you talked to your vet about Prevocox? It is an NSAID formulated first for dogs, but used more and more for horses. I know lots of horses that take it. Easier on the stomach. It is also easier to administer, not haveing the nasty taste that makes people asprin taste like jellybeans in comparison!

  7. Tiny is absolutely adorable. I love that pony look. And what a good, smart boy telling you were it hurts (you’re a fabulous leader for listening to him as well) .

    You’re a bird-boned thin girl!?! I’m gonna laugh at you next time you fuss about diets and such like. Suppose I shouldn’t, since if you didn’t work at it you could possibly, with lots of effort, be as plumptuous as I am. But really Jane, quit looking at pop culture for your body image. Scrawny isn’t healthy. You are just fine, maybe a bit underweight.

  8. Poor Tiny! For the abscess try packing the hoof with epsom salt paste and then put a Thermacare pad (or another self heating pad) on it, wrap it up and maybe the heat and epsom salt will draw out the abscess. I much prefer that method to soaking.

    Bute won’t help the pain from the abscess — only getting it to either burst or reabsorb.

    Magic Cushion is a really good hoof packing but, sadly, is very expensive.

    He is adorable, though.

  9. I’m with Funder: Shut Up, Miss Skinny Thighs. You haven’t seen big legs until you’ve seen an endurance rider with an unhealthy fondness for chocolate chip cookies (uhm, yes, that would be me).

    Hope Tiny feels better soon!

  10. Seconded! And I dig that helmet – I think I just bought the same one. 🙂
    Tiny is seriously cute, I hope everything is going smoothly and that he’s on the way to feeling better.

  11. Poor Tiny! Is that YOU on Tiny in the picture? He’s adorable, and you – you can just shut the heck up about treadmills and evil cookies and diets, missy, you look just fine. Weird leg position aside, that is. 😉

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