Have Cat?

Guest post by Daisy

My boss challenged me: my cat would not allow me to dress her up.  Uh-Huh.  Without Barbie to torture take care of, I found I had a lot more free time.

Free time is great.

For a week.

I hate free time.   Luckily I have cats to…take care of.

Spa Kitty

Night Out Kitty

Ugg Kitty

Army Kitty

Kitty wants Barbie to come home now.

9 thoughts on “Have Cat?

  1. Daisy, we need to hang out sometime. We can share outfit tips. I’ll put outfits on your cat, and you can have some fun putting outfits on my goats. Bring extra camera batteries, ‘kay?

  2. Wow, first off I’m wondering how you take care of/torture your horse Barbie! But also, you have a totally sweet docile kitty! My cats would NEVER allow that!
    I’m a single 30-year old in NYC with cat (s), hopefully you will come check out my website I HAVE CAT http://www.ihavecat.com

    1. Note from Jane: to see the documentation, er, photos, type “Barbie” and any of the following into the Search box: “Hula Hoop”, “Birthday”, “Feather Boa”, “Tiara”. Try “Yeti” too, though that she did all on her own.

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