Hair Today…(Caption Contest!)

No idea where the hair extensions came from, but I trust their owner understands the certain outcome when children, horses, hair extensions and Jane’s camera are left in proximity of one another.

I’m out of lame ideas for prizes, so we’ll go with this brilliant plan: the winner gets the prestige of having their winning caption published on TLH, with byline!

Unless I can think of something else.  Which is unlikely, since I gave up sugar. Again.  It’s been six minutes.  Cough.  Seven minutes, thirty-two seconds…thirty-three….what was I saying?

17 thoughts on “Hair Today…(Caption Contest!)

  1. Waiter, there’s some hair on my head.

    Call the Guinness Book of World Records. We’re ready to have my forelock measured!

    Just a few more feet, and then I can have it cut off and donate to Tails for Appaloosas.

  2. Trying really hard to resist making a Sarah Jessica Parker joke here…. 🙂

    “I held my tongue about the purple halter, but this is just getting ridiculous.”

  3. These are GREAT! Keep ’em coming, y’all have made my day several times. This is going to be tough. You guys are FUNNY. I think Daisy is our judge on this contest.

    (BTW, Daisy? Your turn.)

    Hmmm, extensions are suspiciously close to Daisy’s hair color…if I didn’t know she was at a different barn I would suspect her of planting irresistible-to-little-girls hair extensions in the blonde trainer’s tack room on lesson day.

    It was Daisy, in the tack room, with the hair extensions…

    Great. Now I’m stuck with the arduous task of figuring out what a game of barn “Clue” would look like. 😉

    1. Ooooh, “Barn Clue.” I can totally do this:

      It was the trainer in the arena with the anvil.
      It was the farrier in the driveway with the spurs.
      It was the barn owner in the round pen with the megaphone.

      1. Those are terrific!
        It was the working student in the trailer with the lunge whip.
        It was the vet in the hay barn with the white plastic bag.
        It was the new boarder in the wash rack with a manure fork.

        (I like yours better!)

  4. To children, all horses are Fairy Godmothers when no one else is looking.

    (I assume the child within was present for the taking of this picture?)

    1. In my case, the child within is present for board meetings….
      I’m always squashing her and her shetland back into the sparkly duffle.

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